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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I had gallbladder surgery a year and a half ago. Things have been going well until about two weeks ago and now I'm having major stomach problems. I'm getting sick constantly and in the bathroom more than out of it (too much info I know). I'm also getting heartburn and indigestion like crazy. I've just started a bland diet consisting of chicken, rice, bananas and yogurt and it seems to be helping a little. Do any of you with missing gallbladders experience the same problems? If so, any advice you can give is most welcome!
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    I agree with whoever said that you should check with your doctor since it started so long after your surgery. It could be unrelated.

    My post gall bladder struggles started immediately. I also had trouble with high fatty foods. Most of the time I was fine because I don't eat those foods all the time, but I also had a problem with chocolate. But I only had a problem if I didn't eat chocolate for 3+ days and then did eat it. So I solved that by eating chocolate at least every other day. ha ha This struggle has settled down in the years since.
    3541 days ago
    You've got some great advice here Kim - I agree with going to see your physician as a starting point to discuss the issue. Hope you feel better soon!
    3542 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    You are on the BRAT Diet Bananas, Rice (white) but for you go ahead and use the brown or wild rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These thing are great for all kinds of gastric problems. It really doesn't sound lke it is really related to the gallbladder, more sounding like an IBS problem. Are you having increased Stress in your life? I just read today that if you have inflamation of the gastic system sipping Green Tea twice a day will help with the inflamation. I'd give that a try! Along with those other things that you have said you are trying. Also a call to your primary MD would be suggested if this lasts longer than a couple of week more. There is a bug going around that also is showing as you have been talking aobut. Just got over it myself ! Good Luck
    3542 days ago
    my hubby has his gallbladder out last year the doc said it may be a couple years to settle down, he just eats at regular intervals as not to let the gas build up. the only thing he has found he can`nt eat thathe used to is raw onions
    3543 days ago
    Had my gallbladder out in 1999, no problems related since. I'm with the others who recommend a visit to your favorite health care professional.
    3543 days ago
    Kim, if you had your surgery a year ago and just started having problems two weeks ago they might not be related. I would recommend a visit with your doctor. I had my gall bladder out 14 years ago. My hjusband had jos removed two years ago. The heartburn is not that uncommon probably a change in diet will help. The bathroom issue is what would concern me more.

    3543 days ago
    I'm not entirely sure of what you mean by being in the bathroom more than out of it? Are you throwing up or is it that you are having to use the toilet more?? Since I got my gallbladder taken out I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). That might be what your problem is if you are not throwing up. Certain foods or drinks upset my stomach and then I have to use the toilet quite a bit. Too much dairy, caffeine, or vegetables all can trigger the IBS. I've switched to soy milk because regular can sometimes cause problems for me. Also, having more than 1 glass of alcohol can trigger it too. Try drinking peppermint tea or I've also heard that artichoke tea is really good for IBS. I've never tried the artichoke tea though. As strange as it may seam, making sure that I eat high fiber or multi-grain bread everyday seems to help me. I agree also with what greybird2 said.

    Hope that helps!

    3543 days ago
    I only just had my surgery a month ago. But I was dealing with those same symptoms prior to the surgery for years. After the surgery, I have had a couple of incidents, one lasting 3 days. When I discussed this with my doctor, over several visits, GERDS was diagnosed. Untreated Gallstones and infected gallbladder had made it worse. We are dealing with this now thru diet only to see if it helps.
    One other thing, I have a history of gastrointestinal problems from reflux, bleeding ulcers, colitis, spastic colon etc. This is partly caused by my internalizing stress. My system was constantly irritated and producing to many of various things, so now it is a chronic problem.
    Hope this helps a little, a least something to check out. emoticon
    3543 days ago
    I can't say I have been sick (had my gall bladder taken out 4 years ago). At least not throwing up.

    At first I did notice an intolerance to fatty foods. Fried especially. I am not a heavy meat eater, nor fried food eater. But on the occaisions when I do, I notice a need to get to the bathroom rather urgently or get major racing stripes (now what I mean?).

    Eating late at night, especially a lot, or richly has caused heartburn, as does red wine on occasion. So I try to eat dinner fairly early, or if I cant then it is light both in quantities and fat.

    So I would recommend eating less meat (though sounds like you are) less fat, processed foods. Spices never seem to bother me.

    3543 days ago
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