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Grain Free?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So, today I am toying with the idea of going grain free. I've thought a LOT about changing my diet to cut some thing outs (not entirely, but at least to cut waaaay back on them). I've always, ALWAYS known I need to cut down on carbs and sugar. Mostly sugar, but I do so adore carbs as well.

This morning I was reading an article about acne and what the probable cause is on Dr. Mercola's website articles.mercola.com/sit
. I have suffered from acne for as long as I can remember, and I am so very tired of it. I have known for years that it is related to my diet because I went on a low-carb diet in high school and had the best skin I've ever known. Well, the low-carb thing was impossible for me to continue, but I think a low/no grain low/no sugar diet might be just the ticket.

I've hesitated until now to cut sugar out of my diet. I LOVE all things sweet. It is a horrible addiction, and to me life does not seem like as much fun if I can't have a homemade cookie at the end of the day. Right now the idea of cutting sugar out completely is too much for me to handle, but considering I only usually eat one sweet a day, I'm thinking I will simply stick to that one sweet a day and modify my recipes to grain-free options (i.e. using almond or potato flour instead of wheat flour).

I figure this will work for me because even when I was on the low-carb diet, I was still able to eat one sugar laden treat a day while reaping all the benefits of a low-carb diet (e.g. weight loss, clear skin, no cravings, etc.). If I find it's not working in the future, I will reassess at that time.

In essence, I am returning to my low-carb diet of high school, but this time all fruits and vegetables (aside from corn which is actually a grain) are fair game. If I want an apple, I'm having one. If I want peas, I'm having those too. The only difference this time is no grain-based foods, and sugar is only allowed once a day.

At first I was really nervous that all my old recipes would become impossible, but once I found out about almond flour, bean vermicelli, and wild rice (which is a seed and NOT a grain, hallelujah!), I was onboard. Quinoa is going to become much more of a staple in my house, and I'm looking forward to my recipe substitutes!

I feel such a sense of relief in this plan. When I was on the low-carb diet in high school, I was hungry *all the time*. I *need* carbs to feel sated. The idea that I can still have potatoes, and starchy veggies, and fruit with a meal has finally given me the courage to try again because I know I won't be hungry all the time, and there will be plenty of options for me at restaurants. I just have to pick the ones that don't contain grains!

It's funny. As I think more about this, it makes more and more sense that grains are my problem and not carbs. Starchy things have never given me an issue, but just yesterday I was telling a friend that even though oatmeal is considered a super healthy meal, it always makes me hungry and gives me a bad bloated feeling. Potatoes and beans on the other hand, have never given me any problems. I feel great after a bean laden meal!

I'm not going to say that I'll never have a grain meal again. I do so love wheat-based pizza every now and then, but I'm hoping that cutting way back on grains will really help me.

Here's hoping.

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    I wouldn't say I'm grain free, but I don't eat rice, pasta, bread and most of the grain stuff. I sometimes eat pita bread, sometimes rice crackers and cake when someone's having a birthday. Bust ever since I cut out I would say 95% of grain, I feel much, much better. I can't promise you acne free skin, but I think it's worth to try. Good luck! :)
    2836 days ago
    I feel the same way!
    2836 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see how it goes! :)
    3602 days ago
    I love quinoa! It seems like you're ready to take this on. I hope it works for you! Best of luck!!
    3610 days ago
    Love Quinoa with spinach and feta (a spark recipe). I have a wheat allergy so I have been grain free for years. It's not so bad.

    Hope it helps and good luck.
    3611 days ago
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    Check out some of the Low-Carb teams - grains are a big issue for me, too - and I find I'm more sensitive to sugar than I ever used to be - seems like metabolism shifts over time...

    That being said, I'm also stuck on a plateau....

    There's a link to one Low Carb team on my page - another one that might be helpful is the Carbohydrate Addicts team (that program sounds like it might fit you more easily than some of the less flexible ones -

    Good luck!
    3611 days ago
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