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Finally Feel I've Got a Handle on This Beast

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I know I keep writing about the same topic, and I probably sound like a broken record. I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally feel like I'm the one in charge, and not some mysterious, unknown and whimsical thing.

Since I've altered my carbohydrate composition, things don't quite work in terms of the calories in/out equation for the most part. My weight doesn't drop necessarily in terms of if I eat 500 calories less per day, then I lose 2 pounds per week. There is a steady drop, but it isn't necessarily in terms of pure calorie deficits. It would be impossible to tell unless I knew what my insulin load was at any given time.

While I've been sick with a cold, I haven't worried about losing weight, obviously. It's more important that my body gets the calories it needs, builds armies of white blood cells, and kicks invaders out of my body. So I've been pampering it with good, nutritious food. I have kept my carb grams and composition the same, though. I've kept my carbs at around 70-80g made up of high volumes of veggies and fruits. No starchy carbs. High quality lean meats and nutrient packed fats like nuts. Lots of homemade veggie soups (no noodles).

The net effect is, I'm getting better rapidly. While I'm a little sniffly, I'm feeling well enough to go for a walk in the sun today. I think the vitamin D would do me good. My weight has stayed completely stable. I'm at the same place where I started before I got sick. The wonderful thing about keeping my blood sugar stable is my weight is very stable. No more wild swings in weight or mood, for unknown reasons.

And as mentioned yesterday, for probably the first time ever, I got through a cold without a corresponding ear infection. I thought surgery was the only way I was going to get relief. As a chronic sufferer, I can't tell you what a relief this is, to go through a simple cold without using a lot of decongestants and fearing the tickle and pressure build up in my ear. Without having to get an antibiotic if it got out of control. I don't like to use antibiotics, but when I have an ear infection, I don't have a choice. The pain is insufferable, and the risk of loss of hearing is great. The antibiotics had the net effect of wrecking havoc on my body in other ways.

My running theory is with less blood sugar, there is less food for bacteria that cause my ear infections. Die, suckers, die!

While my dietary change is anecdotal (there's no way I could prove causation), if it at all had a part, it is already a contributor to improving my quality of life. I'm sticking with it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD9728712
    So amazing that you've really mastered the ins and outs of what you're putting into your body! It's obviously working for you - congrats. And you're not a broken record, I love hearing about this stuff!!
    3518 days ago
    CARRIE1948: Vegetables and fruit only. No grains, starches or cereal. It's amazing how calorie dense grains and starches are.
    3518 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5127867
    Wow! How do you keep your carbs so low?
    3518 days ago
    You are going after this like a dog with a bone, aren't you...? lol!

    BIGTIME kudos for getting your own "formula" down pat! It makes SO much sense and you are finding more and more benefits from fine-tuning the "fuel" you choose to put into your body!

    Spark ON! :-)

    3518 days ago
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