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28-day Reunion Challenge

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I have about a month until my husband's family reunion. Right now I am at the lightest weight that my husband has ever known me (and thus his family). I have 1 lb to go to reach 20 lbs lost, and I have 2 lbs to go reach the 220s, a number I haven't seen since the early 1990s.

My problem area is still my middle most of all, it is where the weight is clinging on, and this past month I haven't been so good about the sugar. I am nowhere near my pre-sugar challenge levels, but sugar has crept back in (mainly in the form of frozen lemonade with margarita flavor) and fast food is creeping back in too. Most days I stay within my ranges, but the last two weeks saw quite a few days that went over, mainly in fat and sodium. And I've been bad about water.

So for the next 28 days I'm going to challenge myself to get reunion-ready. Here's a few things I'm going to do:

** no "d-day" - "d-day" has become the affectionate term that my husband and I have started calling Saturday morning doughnut runs - the one doughnut that I get isn't really too much of a problem, except that it makes the rest of the day challenging in regards to fat consumption, and my discovery of their "individual" cake boxes for 99 cents which is really more like 3 servings, is reason enough to put off this treat for a few weeks

** no fast food - even though I've been making healthier choices at these places, the temptation is becoming to great - I'm starting to rely too heavily on the rush I get from going through the drive thru, and from there it isn't far from "blowing it" on a stressful day when the pretty pictures are more alluring than my wavering resolve - also if I stay out of the drive thrus, I am less likely to drink my calories, even if they are in the form of yummy frozen lemonades - plus the sodium levels at these places, even in the healthier choices are ridiculous

** bye-bye coffee - I don't know why I've been possessed about coffee lately, I've been drinking my favorite French Market chicory coffee blend A LOT lately - sometimes making it twice a day - I'm going to switch to one cup at a time tea brewing, there is more mindfulness in it

** exercise at least 15 minutes a day - I've become a little lax in my exercise lately - the only thing that has been keeping me going is the Survivor Challenge on one of my teams - if it weren't for that I think I would have given myself a few too many nights off - I also know that when I do it, I like it, and the more I do it, the more I want to do it - so 15 minutes it is

** do something for me daily - I know that sounds kind of silly, but lately I haven't been focusing on me - this is going to include simple things like coloring my hair and giving myself 30 minutes of hobby time

** drink 12 cups of water a day - I've been struggling to get 8 some days, so I'm making this a priority

So what is my goal? I'd like to get to the low 220s - but anywhere in the 220s would be great.

How am I going to track it? I've printed out a calendar, and I'm going to give myself a star everyday I follow the things I've listed above.

My reward? Being able to go to the reunion feeling more confident, and not worrying about who might snap me in a picture.

Let the countdown begin!

edited 6.8.11:
I've decided on a number goal I'd like to reach in the 28 days - 225 is 10% of my starting weight, and it is only 6 lbs away, if I lose 1.5 lbs a week I'll be there
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    I love these challenges you do. I like how focused they are so they're the small steps along the way to your bigger goals. It's inspiring!!!
    3311 days ago
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