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My first race tomorrow!

Friday, June 10, 2011

After an injury kept me from doing the first 5k I had planned in April, I'm finally going to do one tomorrow! I'm both nervous and excited. Part of me just wants to get the first race out of the way so I know what it's like (I already have my 10k and half marathons picked out) and another part really wants to run it just to see what my time is. I normally run in the evenings and this one is at 8:30 in the morning so I know it's going to start to get hot. I've been drinking a ton of water since last night so I'm hydrated and don't have to drink too much in the morning (don't want to have to pee during the run).

I know to people that have run many races before a 5k isn't that big a deal but I'm still silly about it. Who would have thought that not only would I learn to like running but I'd actually be excited to do it? When I started running in January I hadn't run in over 4 years and I could only do a minute or two at a time - now I have worked up to running 90 minutes without stopping and I'm even paying to do it in a race! LOL.

I'm making sure I'm prepared - I have already decided what I'm having for breakfast (a slim-fast, a banana, and my multivitamin that has a little caffeine) plus one bottle of water on the drive in. Not too different from my usual stuff. I wish I knew if there was some kind of race etiquette - I would love to use my iPod but I don't normally wear the headphones and just put it on medium volume so really only I can hear it or anyone that's really close. I picked the race mainly because of it's date and location (my 30th bday is on Sunday) - it looks like it's pretty heavy on the religion side so I don't know if they would appreciate me rocking out to White Zombie. I'm going to bring it anyway and at least use my Nike+ app to let me know my time even if I can't do the music.

I made an awesome dinner tonight with all the extra energy I have (my first peach cobbler turned out great!) but it's good that I have to run in the morning so I'm not going overboard tonight. Okay, I'm done rambling now - I just can't wait for tomorrow!
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