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Taste Changes With Dieting

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Some of you may better know me as Mr. Principal, but Mrs. Principal is REALLY Mrs. Dividaddy. :)

I have been Sparking for about two months and I've lost at least 11 pounds. I want to lose 14 more and it will happen. I don't care if it goes slow or not because I want all the changes to be permanent and sustainable. I refuse to gain back any weight.

There's something I'm noticing as I've radically changed my diet for the better over the past two months and I want to know if you have experienced anything similar. Please share the details as I am sincerely interested.

1) I feel slightly ill after eating fast food. Mrs. Principal and I used to eat fast food 2 times a week or so. No excuses, we did it. Now its a Saturday thing for me and hardly ever at all for her.

2) Soda pop doesn't taste as good as it used to. I only drink diet soda because I refuse to drink calories. I only drink diet soda, green tea, or water.

3) Sometimes I get roaring sugar cravings. I have eliminated 90% of my snacking which used to include sweet snacks like cookies and salty ones like chips. Those are gone now. When I snack I have spinach, an apple or peanut butter on bread.

Have you guys had any of those similar situations mentioned in #1/2/3? I'd appreciate your feedback on how you handled it.


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    Well, Mr Principal Dividaddy (I wrote Divadaddy at first), here's my major taste change. I now only drink soda once in a blue moon (once every three or four months) and treat it as a type of dessert. I drink a half sweet/half unsweet tea about 2 to 3 times a month. I cut down from 3 tsp of sugar in my coffee down to one and generally limit myself to only 2 cups a day. And while I think there is a place for sugar in homemade desserts, I also have cut way down on the amount of refined sugar and upped the whole wheat flour ratio in my baking. I don't use condiments with hidden sugar much and when I do use ketchup or bbq sauce I don't use much. What all this cutting down on refined sugar has done is let the natural sweetness of fruits and some veggies stand out. I'm amazed at the subtle sweetness of carrots, for example. I also have found that I can tell and am a bit annoyed when a whole wheat product uses a lot of sugar to "make up" for the wheatiness.
    3462 days ago
    I see you have a great cheerleader (MrsP aka MrsD) on your team! With all your new healthy eating and fitness habits (half marathons, etc) your goals will be met.

    As for your questions, I pretty much 1) order the healthier option (low-fat cone, yogurt parfait, and an occasional child's meal, etc) when visiting McD's and the other fast-food joints, 2) limit my soda pop to one pizza buffet I continue to enjoy about 12 times a year (while staying within my calorie range most of the time) and 3) have used fresh fruit to replace a number of my sugar cravings (and continue to use hoisin sauce, Thai chili sauce and condiments that give me a bit of a sugar fix, too). I've begun to limit my use of artificial sweeteners as a way to get my sugary taste and drink lots of H2O to help cover up my love of salty foods through all the Chinese foods I enjoy.

    Continue to inspire each other to be your best!
    3462 days ago
    Congrats on your first blog! Once we gave up fast food for lent this year, I really don't crave it anymore. I feel so much better when we plan our meals and when cook from home. Fast food makes my mood change, and honestly gives me headaches now. I also, like you, have really limited my soda intake, and find I can't drink a lot- even diet.
    You have been doing great with your food tracking and in making great choices for meals and snacks! You'll be down to your goal weight soon.

    PS- I will always be Mrs. Principal, Mr. Principal sounds good for you too.
    3594 days ago
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