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A confession

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spark friends, I haven't been doing well. I know many of you have said I motivate you so I'm sorry if this is a downer. But I felt the need to share because this is life. Also I need a vent a little ;)

I haven't exercised in 6 days and my diet has been tanking. Lately I've felt bad. For the most part it has been dizziness and weakness along with palpitations and fatigue. I have a condition called Hashimoto's thyroiditis where my body attacks my own thyroid gland and the things I've been feeling are almost exactly the same as what set me down my path to getting a diagnosis in the first place.

The first time around I felt so weak and tired that I was almost unable to eat. I remember sitting across from my mom at the dinner table at Chili's in tears. She was prodding me to eat but the fork felt too heavy in my hands to lift. I chugged gatorade just to stay afloat which in retrospect wasn't smart but I felt I needed to do something since I couldn't eat and the doctors hadn't figured me out yet.

This time around is much better but the weakness and dizziness I feel reminds me of being low on calories and nutrients so I've been stuffing my face, trying to give my body all the fuel it could ask for.

Even so my calorie intakes are roughly around 1600 so it's nothing crazy but no amount of food is helping. Sleep seems to be the biggest help. I slept until noon today and I feel better than I did late last night but still weak, dizzy and my heart races when I move. Last time this went away on it's own and I'm still holding out hope it will but if I'm still the same tomorrow I will contact my doctor. It's hard with a condition like this. You will have bad days and you can't really call the doctor every time you feel bad but there is a limit. 1 week of dizziness and weakness is too much and I'll have to grace their doors if it persists past today.

I hope it'll be gone tomorrow. Actually up until the evening yesterday I felt almost completely normal. I took my nephew on a walk and played with him in the pool but then crashed again at about 9pm. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day!
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    My daughter (age 34) has Hashimoto's also and was able to get hers under control. She no longer takes medication and is extremely active (rock climbing, long-distance biking,etc.) but it took time and finding what her body needed and she had some really difficult periods (fatigue,palpitations,etc. as you described) along the way. She also had to find the right doctor and that took several tries. Anyway, I hope to hear that you are experiencing improvement, and I will keep an eye on your SparkPage. emoticon
    3256 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10405395
    Being an example isn't about being perfect, it's about being imperfect, and trying anyway. Feel better, take that time you need...
    3266 days ago
  • KEL_CE
    Thanks to everyone! I think spark has the best community ever!
    3270 days ago
    I have it too.....it totally controls your life.
    3270 days ago
  • no profile photo STILLWATERS811
    Hi and let me just add an echo of what everyone else has said: I am so sorry you must go through this and I wish you well.
    3270 days ago
  • no profile photo CD346639
    i hope you feel better soon- thanks so much for sharing with us- you are a motivation to me regardless - love ya donna
    3271 days ago
    3272 days ago
  • BECCA984
    I hope you feel better soon!
    3272 days ago
    Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. Terje gave you some great advice. I would only add that you need not add the stress of whether or not you are exercising to the mix. Relax and listen to your body (and your doc). emoticon
    3272 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4569907
    I hope you feel better soon and find out what is wrong. emoticon
    3272 days ago
    Kel - hang in there. I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I will be seeing my dr. this next week to check my thyroid. emoticon
    3272 days ago
  • KEL_CE
    Thanks ladies!

    I'm glad I still can motivate! I was going to keep it to myself but I think it's nice for people to see the ups and downs. I've lost a lot of weight but it definitely hasn't been perfect and I doubt the rest of my journey will be perfect either!

    Terje-I never thought of it that way. If my body is mending it would definitely need more energy. I should have been giving it better foods. I'm going to definitely treat it better. It'll help that I'm at home this evening so I won't have to eat out.

    I know I'm such a doctor phobe which is not good with my ongoing health issues. I need to learn to get over it!

    Thanks again ladies!

    3272 days ago
    I am so sorry for you.

    When you say you feel as if you need food because your energy is so low, you may be absolutely right. It's possible your body is trying desperately to rebuild the "broken" parts and does need toe fuel.

    So get a friend or family member to make some super nutritionally dense meals for you. Whole grains, fresh produce, lean protein. As with our bucket theory, eating a ton of food that is only "so-so" from a nutritional point of view does not help. You need to invest in the right amount of high quality foods with which to rebuild your body.

    Then, DO get your cute little behind to the doctor. Nothing wrong with sitting on the exam table and hearing the doc say you are fine and shouldn't be wasting her/his time. There is plenty wrong with sitting at home saying "if only I had seen the doctor earlier".

    And THANK YOU for sharing your issues with us. The Spark Community can support you so much better when we know there is a problem. Please keep us informed. HUGS!!!
    3272 days ago
    Awww...so sorry to hear about your health:(

    Don't know about everyone else but you still motivate me! The fact that you can be so open and transparent about what's been going on with your health and your eating habits is all kinds of awesome!

    Keep us posted and I'm praying for ya! emoticon
    3272 days ago
    I hope you feel better sweety. I've been having my fair share of crappy medical problems over the past 2 years as well. So I totally understand how you're feeling mentally in that regards. Keep us updated on things. emoticon
    3272 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10229121
    I hope you start to feel better!!
    3272 days ago
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