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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ok, not sure if I am even doing this right...but here it is. I took a animal personality test and this is what it said.... I am the wild dog!! Most of it is pretty spot on. I couldn't get the picture to copy though.... sorry
You can find more information at animalinyou.com

Most people who meet a wild dog are struck by its energetic, demonstrative and restless behavior. This mid-sized individual differs from its domestic dog and wolf cousins in a number of notable ways: it is physically more powerful than the dog and its social structure differs dramatically from that of the lone wolf. It is difficult to describe the wild dog's personality without explaining it in terms of its pack of friends, for wild dogs don't see themselves as rugged individualists but rather as members of a social team that demands constant bonding and cooperation.

Reliable in a crisis, wild dogs are charitable to those in need and have a strong sense of social justice. They are dependable and generous to a fault, but there is a darker side to their character. If they believe they have been wronged, they'll carry a grudge for a long time and punish the offender by withdrawing otherwise unconditional support.

Although they are not a natural leaders, wild dogs are popular and well liked and their indomitable sense of adventure attracts others who appreciate living on the edge. They were not blessed with a particularly handsome face, but their trim body is well conditioned by athletic endeavors and they take pride in their appearance.

As is typical of a carnivorous personality, wild dogs love to travel and choose to vacation in stimulating environments where they can expand their understanding of the world. They become restless when they haven't taken a vacation in a while.

Thinking of bringing that new invention of yours to the market? Put a wild dog in charge. No one can take an idea and run with it better than this hardy individual. Its powers of endurance and canine enthusiasm make for such a powerful combination that wild dogs are consistently amongst the highest wage earners. So why don't they simply run their own businesses and reap the rewards? Well for one thing, they don't possess the leadership and entrepreneurial talents of their canine cousins. Instead, by concentrating on relationship building and teamwork, wild dogs achieve the kind of job satisfaction that no salary can replace.

Wild dogs are highly principled individuals although they take a while before placing their trust in others. Employers should give them a lot of freedom since they do not perform well in structured environments. When it comes to stamina, they are without equal and are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Versatile in their skills, their sharp minds can adapt to almost any environment.
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