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Challenge Blog: Motivational Quote for the Day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Here are some quotes I like! I'd love it if you'd leave one, too!

I keep this on my SParkpage all the time- to remind me that I can do anything! I can handle anything that comes my way. I may not always do it as well as I'd like, or have as easy of a time....but there is nothing that can stand in my way if I just believe in myself!

This saying reminds me that I am never alone- I just need to hang on and reach out!

Determination takes over when motivation disappears.
I liked this saying! I can't remember where I found it. I need to stay determined- eyes focused forward toward goal- even when my motivation is gone!

A year from now, you will wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb

This saying is just so true! It often nags at me...how will I feel on New Year's 2012 if I DO NOT start today? You can't reach your goal until you start moving towards it...so today is as good a day as any to start moving!!! It is one of my favorite quotes!


This mean a lot to me- especially lately. The reasons are not important- or not as important as I make them. WE all have reasons for everything...but if I want results, I need to find a way to work through my reasons why NOT and give myself REASONS WHY!!! It's just perspective. In the end, I want the results!!

For Friday:

I chose this poem, because it is one of my favorites. I am a person who tries to be everything for everybody. I exhaust myself being the one everyone can count on, but I wouldn't do it any other way! This poem reminds me that sometimes, I need to just let God scoop me up in His care, and that things will be OK. I am never alone, and I always have my faith to lean on when I need it. My faith is a big part of who I am, and I can't be motivated or driven to do anything without it. It is an area of joy and strength in my life- and it keeps me whole.

For Saturday:

Don't trade what you want most for what you want in the moment!
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