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My back experience

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well hurt my back a couple weeks back when my family left town for my daughters to attend a theater camp in my wife's hometown. Not more than an hour after they left I had a bug to clean my house so i started moving and cleaning. Moved all my furniture from my main floor out onto my deck by myself and vacuumed every inch of carpet 6 times. That took me about 6 hours. Then I rented a rugdoctor and did that for 5. So I had 5 more days before the family came back and it took three days for the carpets to dry. So I went to work when I had meetings but ended up taking several days off. Ended up cleaning for about 60 hours that week and buying a couch and moving it from a third story apartment. So my back was pretty stiff from it all, especially the vacuuming and heavy lifting. Did manage to get the main level of my house rugs cleaned, walls and ceiling vacuumed and dusted everything. Upstairs where all out bedrooms are I moved all the furniture around and vacuumed, dusted and picked up. Straitening and picking up took the most time it seemed with all the toys, memory stuff(pictures, cards, drawings and such) and just a bunch of other stuff. I tried to go through the stuff I knew what it was and where it goes. Other reason I decided to do this was I was just getting over a 2 week long coughing fever thing I had caught from my son so wasn't up to running outside with coughing my head off and getting a headache so vacuuming and such was my speed in order to recover.

So I did all that and actually hit the gym twice to weight lift and do 30 minutes of cardio on the AMT. So family was home, house clean and I was back at work on Monday. Kids had an evening bible camp at a church by my gym so the plan was drop them of and hit the gym then pick them up. Got to the gym and started stretching(mind you I ran 4 miles the day before outside and was very stiff) and I had questioned my logic in going to the gym with the way my back felt. Anyway doing a stretch sitting with right leg out and left foot touching my right inner thigh and pulling myself down by grabbing my right foot I felt something in my right lower back that had been getting tight on me and I hurt it 11 years prior. So I thought "hmmm maybe I am stretching it out and that is a good thing?" So I pulled and reached harder, BIG MISTAKE!

I rolled over and got on all fours and could not stand up and was getting worse. People were all around me doing various things and I decided to will myself up and through the pain. Got up, got my stuff and went and fell into my car. Got home fell out of my car and found out anything I did hurt and hurt bad. So i took some muscle relaxants, ibuprofen and tried in vain to get comfortable and not scream. Got to bed and kinda fell asleep late that night.

Woke up the next day not as bad but called into work and made a doctor appointment for later in the day. Felt much better as day went on and just took it easy after how bad I felt the night before. Saw doc he looked me over and basically told me if it hurts don't do it, gee thanks. He gave me a sheet with back stretches on it to do as well. So I call into work the next day again just to give myself another day to recover and do the stretches. Well after doing them and then putting heat on my back I started to go down hill. My right lower back spasmed again and I was right back to where I was Monday night in horrible pain. So called doc and got a stronger pain killer and doped myself up in order to somewhat sleep. Next day being Thursday I went and saw my acupuncturist who helped me greatly, took my meds and iced my back. Friday saw him again and it helped then iced some more and stopped taking the meds except ibuprofen.

Saturday took it easy and went to my gym's hot tub, Sunday went for a mile walk and took my daughters to the gym pool and I switched back and forth to hot cold my back. Monday back to work and had my elliptical fixed and did 15 minutes on it. Tuesday follow up but with my actual doctor who is a DO so he adjusted my back and told me I had a rash on my back from the hot tub not being maintain correctly. So got a prescription for an antibiotic and went home tried to go for a run but back felt it so stopped went home and used elliptical for 30 minutes. Wednesday tried to run again but a no go again so did 45 minutes on elliptical and took son for a 45 minute walk. And so on.

This morning got up felt good and tried running again and made it 1.5 miles then did an hour on my elliptical and called it good. So just listening to my body and easing back into it. Not sure when i will return to weight lifting but just not worry and get back to it as my body tells me.
Been using this as a chance to not let myself get worked up over not being able to workout but instead to either find other things to do and to listen to my body. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good to hear you are pretty well through it.
    3184 days ago
    So sorry you had to go through this. It is no fun having back issues (I feel your pain). Having issues with my lower back for years has giving me a healthy respect for my body. I still forget and think I am 25 again. Listen carefully and you will be on the happy road to running again soon. Happy thoughts going your way!
    3194 days ago
    Please take care of your self!!!! Also you can come deep clean my house anytime you want. I bet your wife really appreciated that.

    Hugs and Prayers, Vicki
    3196 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    dude! My back hurts just reading about the stuff you did! Dang!
    3196 days ago
    Been there with back problems, sorry to say don't know any better way than what you did, to heal. The thing about back problems is it can just stop you in your track.
    Just glad you on the other side of this.
    Take care! emoticon
    3201 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    hey crazy man that was some workout you did cleaning the house. glad to hear that the back is playing nice with you and you are getting back into your routine.
    3202 days ago
    Yeouch! Always such a tough thing when the spirit is willing but the body? It just plain sez: NO!

    Sounds like you're listening...good for you!

    3202 days ago
    Very wise of you- always listen to your body! It's tough, but sometimes you just have to rest up and give yourself a chance to heal. Missing some workouts will not be the end of the world! (Now please copy this comment, save, and e-mail it back to me when I'm working out when I shouldn't be...or emceeing a Spark Rally! emoticon )

    Take good care of yourself!
    3202 days ago
    Wow. I wanted to say please take care of yourself and don't get me wrong PLEASE PLEASE take care of yourself. But my reaction to your blog is man am I a wimp. I don't want you to be in pain and I hope it will all be over super soon, but your perseverance is amazing and well eliminated my lazy excuses.

    3202 days ago
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