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4th of July weekend

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I am a child of a military man, the wife of a military man, and the mother of a military man.... I am the most patriotic female on this planet that has served in three different capacities through my life. Trust me, I serve! I do not support illegal fireworks, or stupid drinking and driving, or traffic jams and ridiculous amounts of food that could feed a small country. I DO support a good time without being idiotic and unsafe, and I DO support family time because having many gatherings with a military person missing, I know better than most how precious every second is.

It is my prayer and my hope that each of you took time this past weekend to remember, what our independence is really about. Freedom of religion means freedom to worship, pray and serve your God without laws preventing it and without persecution from any other religious or non-religious group - - even if you are Christian! Freedom of speech means you are entitled to your opinion but you must also express it with responsibility. It does not mean you can stomp all over my rights to exercise yours. Freedom from terror, means that others have served, and are still serving to give you the sense of peace you feel when you lay your head down at night and don't have bombs bursting in air over your house. These freedoms do NOT mean you and I can take without giving back, these freedoms do NOT mean that my son should serve while yours has no sense of responsibility for his country. These freedoms may belong to all of us, but we also must be responsible for doing our part to serve. This may mean we have to be a little uncomfortable in order to support and encourage those who still serve both at home and abroad. It definitely requires that we go out of our way to be neighbors to those who have lost dear loved family members so that we can have rights and freedoms.

Your freedom and mine do not give us entitlements without responsibilities. They give us responsibilities with obligations. It is up to us to make right choices in how we treat others and not abuse others with our 'freedoms'.

I hope that you really took time to appreciate the "un-known" soldiers who were sleeping in bunkers, who were leaving on the 4th of July for the third time in two years to serve six more months in a war zone. I hope you took time to consider that his meals don't always taste good, that he missed his child's birth, and his other child's second birthday. Or that his wife struggles with depression and is doing the best she can to keep it together while he is away. I hope you baked a pie for the neighbor who lost her spouse 'over there' and doesn't have family support to help her. I hope you considered that America still has POW's and MIA's from other wars that have never made it home. I hope that you took time to reflect on ALL of the military conflicts this country has known and the families that still weep when they hear The Star Spangled Banner because they still have no answers. I pray that you took time to recite the words and to mean it when you pledge allegiance to the FLAG. And I hope you said every single word of it the way it was written. My heart's desire is that you took a moment to put your hand on your heart and say a prayer for the men and women who served, are now Veterans, who have come home and still jump at the sound of fire works and gun shots. I hope you took a moment to consider what this service has done and how it still affects thier families. I hope you stood up proudly and sang a patriotic song at the top of your voice and felt the pride in your heart that comes only to those who know deep down that we still live in the greatest country in the world.

God Bless America
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