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Long Run....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The heat finally broke today....and it felt like a great day for a run.

I have really enjoyed the route I have been taking to the baseball field, so I knew that I could turn it into a loop from home...so I got onto Spark and tracked it out....5 miles on the nose.....

The best part of this loop is that most of it - with the exception of the hugest hill in the world is in the shade...the hill....all sun, and I believe it is .25 miles up...YUCK.

I set out and was really enjoying the run. I ran for 35 minutes before I felt I needed a break....and that came at the top of the hill in the sun...I was so proud of myself. That is my longest straight run in a long time...3.5 miles +/- a little. I walked for a minute and decided to try and push out some 4/1 intervals for the remaining 1.5 miles.....

I did pretty good. About mid way through I did take a 1.5 minute walk break...but I needed it - it was after the last hill...and I was a little toasted.

I finished my 5 miles in just shy of 52 minutes...which is about a great pace for me....I burned 571 calories according to Nike+, or 547 according to Spark.....I'll take it.....

I think 6 miles is my magic number.....a 6 mile run will really work the body and get a great burn....so going to try and shoot for 2 of those a week and 2 shorter 5K types.....working towards 20 miles a week....

Happy new week everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend.

OH - I didn't enter my food into my tracker the last few days - I have it written down - but can't be bothered. I was withing ranges and did well.....but to go back and track now - not happening.

Watched several movies this weekend too... Captain America with the whole family - good movie - they are really getting good at the comic book thing.

Also watched "The Tourist" and "How do you Know" at home. I really enjoyed The Tourist...I didn't figure it out until the end....How do you Know left me flat....I love Reese Witherspoon - but this is not my favorite of hers.
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