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people noticing something is changing in Amy

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today at work 2 people noticed i was moving around better and had more energy! :-) That was a great feeling. I spend my one hour commute to work listening to podcast about healty living. That is everything from organic gardening, Paleo lifestyles, raw food lifestyles, low carb lifestyles, exercise, yoga, basically stuff to keep me motivated during this last little time frame when I'm loosing weight and my body is functioning better and I'm feeling better but not yet better enough to be very much more active. I want to run, hike, ride my bycycle to Russellville, (over 30 miles), swim, you name it. I want to go to an amusement park and ride all the rides! :-), I want to take chopper rides over all the big cities! The list goes on. I'm on track. I've not been on here for awhile. I've been learning and still am about video blogs etc. Until reciently I' ve not wanted to look at myself on camera so to speak. I'm still not were I am going to end up but I have been watching a bunch of blogs of people just like me going through their journey of getting healty. They started their video blogs when they were morbidly obese and continue on as they become health. They are very inspirational to me. I want to be the same for others. So soon I am going to buy a video camera and start my video blogs. I have to learn how. How hard can it be LOL. The progress I have made is great. I was only on Advair routinely and I use to take Advil everyday 600mg at a time. I now only take Advair only about once every 4-5 days and Advil only at that time of the month. (which is not fair, I thought I'd be over this period thing by the time I was 45! but that is another story LOL) I can climb up the flight of stairs at work and not be out of breath at the top. My knee is healing and I can even climb up the stairs normally instead of having to lead with my bad leg because my other leg became the worst leg :-). Down is still tricky and I still hold on to the arm rail and go slow because I'm afraid basically. A little over a year ago my left knee gave out on me going up a flight of stairs and it was really bad for about 6 months after that. So I am safe rather then sorry at the present time. :-) I'm into pants I have not been in for over 6 years. Life feels great and it is getting more great everyday. I am eating only when I'm hungry most of the time. I'm stopping when I'm full. I'm chewing alot. I'm eating a combo of paleo nad raw. That may seem like opposite extreams and one might think it would never work. One diet promotes all raw foods and one mainly meat and vegetable and no grains. But it is working for me. I'm thinking of calling it paleotarian. LOL Get i? A Combo of paleo and vegetarian. LOL it is working for me but I've always been a bit outside the box, even outside the circle some would say. LOL. I hope you all find a plan or make a plan that works for you and lets do this. Lets get america health again!

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