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Day 69 of Supreme 90 - The end is near!

Friday, August 05, 2011

It's Day 69 (Cardio Challenge) of Supreme 90 (a 90 day program). Mountain climbers, burpees and bear crawls OH MY! It's time to get my sweat on!

I am so tired tonight, but I'm about to dig deep and pop in the DVD and get busy. I can't believe that I am so close to the end. Since staring the program on 5/18, I've definitely seen an improvement in my fitness level. When I started the program I was using 5lbs dumbbells. Now I am using 10lbs and 15lbs for the exercises. I am getting stronger and stronger each day. Tom Holland (the trainer in the video) says if you want to get results that you have to challenge yourself with heavier weights and that women shouldn't be afraid of using heavier weights. So I am listening. I'm challenging myself with heavier weights.

Also, Tom keeps me motivated throughout the DVD. He encourages me to give my best. He cracks me up when he says "I'm sweating just watching you guys" or "I would join you guys, but I have this stop watch in my hand." And when the circuit is about to end he always counts down for me - 5...4..3..2...1. I love to hear that countdown because I know I'm about to get a 10 to 60 sec rest before the next circuit begins. When the hard work is over and the cool down is about to begin I feel so good.

I love S90!

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