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Desperately in need of a pep talk!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm eating healthy, staying within my calorie range, exercising like a crazy person (Literally - I am on Day 11 of the Insanity workout), and I'm still gaining!!!

My weight has reached an all-time HIGH of 141.8 - highest ever for me, aside from being pregnant. And my spirit has reached an all-time LOW because I am not happy with the skin I'm in and I am actually putting more effort into getting in shape right now than I ever have! This is one of those things about eating right and exercising that just baffles me. The more I try, the worse I look and feel.

I am aware that perhaps I am gaining muscle, especially since I started this pretty strenuous Insanity workout, and believe me, I wouldn't care how much I weighed if I was seeing positive results with my body (like slimming down)... But I FEEL bigger, my clothes don't fit comfortably anymore and my gut, love handles and butt are seriously expanding - Just in time for bathing suit season! YAY!

I am super unhappy. So, what do I do? Continue this workout? Eat less? Call a personal trainer? Or accept this new chubby bod o'mine and start buying clothes in the next size up? Cringe...

In all seriousness though, I need a pep talk! Thank you, Spark Friends! xoxo
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  • KELLEY1010
    HORMONES!! Have them checked!! They will mess you up!! Mine are all over the place and I am under going treatment now. I have the same exact problem. I work out, eat well, but NOTHING but gaining! YIKES!!! See your doc!
    3332 days ago
    Have you consulted with your doctor to see if all your blood levels and hormones are at their right levels and that your thyroid is working correctly? Have you asked them if you are where you should be with your regime?

    You are not alone, dear SPal. I have another SPal that was going through this exact situation for several weeks and then last Friday the scales started moving in the direction she had wanted; that is, down!

    I know it is difficult and frustrating, but hang in there! emoticon
    3336 days ago
    FYI.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_

    Let me say first, I don't believe in cutting out any foods and My dad beat it into my brain that anything man made not God made is garbage for your body such as artificial sugars etc. I just wanted you to read about the blood type diet, if you haven't already. Do I believe it is the answer to your problem? I don't know but it is food for thought. My DH is type O LOVES LOVES meat. I am type A HATE meat. When I read the blood type diet it says that type O's are meat eaters, they process meats better than other types. Type A's do not process meat as well and therefore prefer more veggies in their diet. I am not sayin that is true in every case. I read that type A's need time for their bodies to catch up so yoga is an awesome exercise for them. If you are a Type A maybe you are stressing your body. I'm not saying jump on the Blood Type Diet wagon but see if there is some info that may work for you. I am eating less meat and I don't feel as bloated all the time. Not sure that is a coincidence.

    Believe it when I say you are not alone in needing a pep talk. I need a back lashin behind the shed bwhahaha I had met my goal and was maintaining it extremely well. Decided I didn't have to exercise as much. One day lead to two and three four five week month.... AND 10LBS. UGH!! I can't seem to get motivated. It is like I am stuck in this rut. Bleh!!

    Happy Thursday emoticon ,
    3337 days ago
    OH NO, B! I am certainly NOT prego! I just meant that I am heavier now than I ever have been, with the EXCEPTION of the time I was pregnant! This is how rumors get started. Hehe.
    3338 days ago
    first, congrats on being preggo.

    I would think you are also getting bigger because the kid is getting bigger? yes no? I have never been preggo, so not sure on that one.

    and like the others said, you are probably retaining water, maybe more so than ever as being pregnant does this too (I think!)
    3338 days ago
    I was going to get on here and say exactly what ARCHIMEDESII just said.

    Keep eating right & exercising; but fit in some easier 'recovery' days every once in a while (maybe every 3rd day or something). When you get plenty of sleep & do some light exercise stuff & stretching instead of the serious 'cranking it up & muscle building' type of exercise.... then that extra water should come right off. (If it doesn't, maybe you should get your thyroid checked.)

    My body always holds alot of extra water for repair too; so I've been through this many times over.
    emoticon emoticon
    3338 days ago
  • SABRINA1024
    yeah, i like that better. but, horrormones are still evil.
    3338 days ago
    Take a deep breathe... what you're experiencing is perfectly NORMAL. When you work your muscles intensely, they soak up water like a sponge. This is what they are supposed to do. You may also notice that your muscles swell in size a bit AND the scale goes up !! This is NOT a gain in fat !! In order to truly gain one pound of fat, a person needs to eat an extra 3,500 calories on top of their normal intake. So, if you know you didn't eat an extra 3,500+ calories, then you know you didn't gain fat.

    Why did the scale go up ? water retention. Your muscles are retaining water as a result of being worked intensely. This is going to happen when you strength train OR engage in intense exercise.

    Don't worry ! Your body will release any excess water it doesn't need, but it could take a few days. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? That too is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

    DON'T cut your calories !! You're not gaining fat. You're just retaining water.

    3338 days ago
  • SABRINA1024
    ok, here it is skinny minnie......
    i understand being uncomfortable in your own body, i'm a short 145 lbs.
    perhaps your body is confused and you just need something to nudge it in the right direction. HORRORmones aslo screw you up. after you have a baby your entire body changes and there are things about it that just wont budge. THAT MY DEAR IS LIFE. unless of course you have enough money to hit up a surgeon who can take care of that for you. seriously, do the best you can do with what you are blessed with. being overweight isn't your problem, and its not that you are unhealthy.. your body has just changed and you arent used to it.
    dont give up on your spark plan, give it more time.
    3338 days ago
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