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GRRR Getting Disheartened

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have been having SUCH a hard time making a comeback...I'm back....I'm gone...I'm back again...NOPE not yet....how about now? UGHHH

Sooo I was FINALLY HOPING to get my groove back...I was having a friend try to fix my bicycle since I haven't been able to ride it in over a year (Broke my foot last year (it's still messed up) and THEN my idiot of a brother borrowed it and flattened the tire somehow)..........Anyway, so I was having a friend fix it for me and I just got it back last night..........He couldn't pump up the tires for me (long explanation) so I set about doing that this morning.

I tried all of the options that my friend/neighborhor had in her shed, a pump for a blow up mattress (nope), a hand pump for balls (nope) so I finally took it to the nearest gas station.........I was all psyched to see FREE AIR and pulled the bike outta the back of my truck and for some reason I couldn't get the air to fill the tires.......UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..
.I almost cried but then figured another way around it.......I drove to Target and bought a tire pump for $10.00 (the pump wouldn't ring up and it took a bit to get it all figured out so the nice guy at check out gave it to me for $9 for my wait).

So I got home, again pulled the bike outta the truck and began to try to pump up the tires.............This time I was too blonde to initially figure out the pump and then I FINALLY figured it out and pumped them up.............Sooooo both tires have air...but maybe not enough, maybe too much I DON'T KNOW but it just feels REALLY wrong..............if I pump too much the tires will go flat YET AGAIN if not enough I won't be able to ride right...I tried my pressure gauge but it wasn't registering anything AND let the air outta the back tire when I attempted to measure.

I am just getting the feeling that MAYBE I shouldn't be riding this thing...but it is THE SINGLE best way I know of to get my head in the zone.................For years my bike was my only source of independent transportation (I only learned to drive in the passed 2 years)..........I NEED to get back in the game because my esteem is going down down down and with each passing week it gets worse...........THIS IS NOT ME.....I look at my legs and feel my hips and they do NOT belong to me, they are a stranger's.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm sure I am going to try again......but I am ready to put the bike at the curb and let anyone take it away and just buy a new one. I've never had such issues with bikes as I've had over the passed 2 years, it really blows my mind.

Until later.......................
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    Thank you all for your responses...I NEEDED THEM desperately!

    I finally got the bike going...WOW has learning to drive put a crimp in my stamina on a bike...but I will keep on keepin'on...and take the bike out to the beach and ride ride ride and get the reward of a gorgeous Gulf Coast sunset!

    I will say this after all of the negatives of yesterday morning....

    !. I am grateful to have a friend who would fix my bike for me to begin with...some people don't have that option in life.

    2. I am grateful to have a bike at all...or to be able to ride at all...some people just can't.

    3. I am grateful to have a great friend next door who tried to help me get the thing going before all of this happened AND who was willing to drive my truck to pick me up if I bit off more than I could chew and couldn't ride back home.................Some don't have this type of friend.

    4. I am grateful for the nice cashier at Target who gave me a dollar off my air pump just for making me wait (Just awwww he sooooooo did NOT have to do THAT)

    5. I am grateful to have Spark People to come vent to...and all of ya'll who came to "listen" and offer support...........TOOO many people don't have that!

    So thanks ya'll...today was a much better day! emoticon
    3481 days ago
  • THEMIS27
    Cherry!! So glad to see you back here! How frustrating your bike experience must have been! I hate when I finally get the motivation to do something, and then life just throws curveball after curveball. You'll get your groove back, I just know it!
    3481 days ago
    A day lika that comes along to test us. OR several daye when bad things take pver.Dont let them You are worth more than that You want to move on .You will do. Please tell us on here how you get on. Irene emoticon
    3481 days ago
    Life has really been dumping on you. But when you are in the valley the only place to go is up. So keep pushing forward. Try going to a bike shop and generally they will (for free) tell you if you have the right pressure.

    Do not give up, you deserve more than that.

    I read a great book The Memory of Running, not about running at all but it is about a guy, his family, an old bike in his garage and taking back his life. I loved it, having a hard time selling it b/c I want to read it again.

    I so wish I could ride my bike right now, but it may be 3-5 months before I can again. I had shoulder surgery, with a rotator cuff tear and a major tear of my bisep. If i fall on my shoulder, I will need a shoulder replacement. No thank you. So I stare at my bike and want to ride so bad, that I am thinking aobut getting one of those old people bikes with three wheels and a basket in back. LOL! Oh my!
    3482 days ago
    Cherry ~ I hate it that you are struggling so!!!! BUT........you are not alone!!!! I am struggling horribly since Jim died!!!! I just can't get my head in the game for some reason & health issues have me back up to 228#, but I haven't given up, & I am not going to!!!! Come on, GirlFriend.......we can do this!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3482 days ago
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