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I needed that broom

Monday, August 15, 2011

When you are doing well it is so easy to Spark....But then you have a set back, or a couple and it is easy to play games on the computer and facebook than it is to spark and wah la, a bigger set back. That is my year in a nut shell.
The past few weeks I have been slowly reemerging into Spark People. It is such a vast world to utilize all the tools. It is such a big world that sometimes I feel like I am the spec in Dr. Suess's Horton hears a Who! When I first saw this movie a few years ago with my Day care babies I felt that Spark was awesome, but somewhat overwhelming because it was so big. Much like how the Whos must have felt about Horton's world. A little speck in a huge world.
For the past five months I have not had a kitchen broom. . I finally bought a new one on Saturday. My vacuum was what I was using. My dyson does a great job, but nothing gets in corners as quickly or is as convenient as a broom. So I have been struggling with this issue and kept saying to myself, I will pick one up. Just did not get back to it. It would make my life so much easier, not lugging the vac out every meal with the day care kids..., but I just kept putting it off. This weekend i have been sweeping away... I missed it. And then i thought that this is just like spark people. I could guess what I was eating.... I could write things in a notebook or eye food with out a scale. When you pull the scale out and log in what you have success! I am really feeling back in the groove and Sparking; I missed Spark! I missed you! People from around the world that sometimes understand me better than my own family and do not judge me!
I have had a good week. The scale went down. My self esteem went up. And I have added new friends and reconnected with old ones that get my set back and know that I can do this.
To anyone out there that is struggling, we can do this. Spark can be the best tool in our whole shed!

these words are all my own...Pictures are courtesy of google images.
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