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My holiday to the seaside (better than the last one!).

Friday, August 19, 2011

So arrived in Lyme Regis late Thursday evening after a fairly long but pleasant trip round the M1/M25/M3. Long jam on M25 right under Heathrow take off bit so child was thrilled. Dog only vomited twice. Found a starbucks on the M3 – bonus.
Went to Axminster to pick husband up from the 10.30pm train on Friday night to find he’d missed that and I had to sit in a cold unwelcoming car park for another hour. Where is Hugh Fearnley whatsit when you need him (apparently being rescued by the lifeboats?? http://www.sidmouthherald.co.u

Found a local’s pub to save me getting arrested for fouling in a public place. Won’t be visiting that one again.

Saturday decide to go for a good stonking walk as I’ve stupidly agreed to do this walking marathon in 8 weeks time with Sarah C and haven’t started training yet. Decide to do the undercliff walk from Lyme to Seaton. Am assured that it is a challenging five miles, will take about 2.5 hours. Dog, Father in Law and step dad accompany me. I bring water, 3 liquorice sticks, 3 apples and 3 drum stick lollies.
Turns out the walk is VERY arduous. Takes 4.5 hours and is 8.5 miles. Was fab though if slow going. Apparently Father in law thought we were going for 20 min walk under the cliff looking for fossils. Ooops.
Seaton is not a place I’ll be going to twice. It was full of the walking dead; or people who’d just got off the coach and were looking for cream tea and chips – same thing.

Saturday evening dog develops a dicky tummy (there is no garden at my mum’s sea side cottage in the middle of lyme) – so despite me giving him liberal doses of probiotics (well yakult) I spend most of Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning looking for somewhere for him to go whilst he howls in discomfort, I try not to sob with tiredness.

Sunday, can’t remember as I think I’d had some champagne, no sleep and doggy something. Or was it Turkish delight ice cream? Exhausted ramble… might have gone to the cinema to see Cars2 for the second time. Or slept? It was cr*p still on the second viewing. Oh I know – husband’s parents are also on hols with us get the crack of dawn call to say Grannie seriously ill and on way to hospital. Grannie is 98 and fell and broke her leg last week so we aren’t really expecting not to get these calls. We do decide not to make the mad panic dash back to Leicester and she improves!

Monday – Ted’s birthday. Lovely, get to play down the beach in the morning and do birthday things. Only rains in the afternoon. Cake and stuff. Nice and all that. Can’t believe he is 4 and starting school in 3 weeks. Eek.

Monday night I decide to have an early night. Cue frantic waking from my mother as garbled text from my brother who is in hospital with fractured collar bone, punctured lung and head injury from coming off his bike at the BMX park. My brother turned 39 on Sunday! All his face book friends think he is dead, but he isn’t as his live in girlfriend Rachel on FB tells everyone. Live in? We didn’t even know he HAD a girlfriend – still beats the time he rang up mum (ten years ago) to ask if she was sitting down and then proceeded to tell her she was now a grandparent for this first time (we didn’t know he had a girlfriend then either!).

So mum dashes off at the crack of dawn ( I do worry about Dawn and her crack), to Blackpool to tend him. He came out of hospital Wednesday evening eventually and apparently the girlfriend is quite nice. My dad (my parents are divorced) is heading up there today as now he knows Jamie isn’t dying wants to avoid my mum. Oh the joy of parents. Dad wants to know should he take Jamie anything – I discretely mention had he forgotten Jamie’s birthday (I was as usual in charge of buying the group present and this year it was an x box kinnect – which of course he isn’t going to get any fun out of for a while now – last year it was the bike. I’m already wondering what x-box related injury he will have next year) – and he mumbles did he contribute this time? Not yet Dad, I reply, but as I’ve accidentally borrowed a vast amount of money from you to help me exchange on my new house then it seemed churlish to ask at this point.

Tuesday daytime highlight was me winning a 3 foot cuddly tiger from the giant grabber machine on the second go. Only £2 wasted. Dog spent the rest of the holiday trying to make love to the tiger and I make a mental note to get him done pronto.

Tuesday night the inlaws agree to babysit for the night so I crack the diet (again) to have a glass of wine, goats cheese salad and scoop of ice cream (yum).

Wednesday morning the people we are buying the house off decide they are sick of waiting for us to exchange (I’ve left out all of the house wrangling going on all week) and put it back on the market. We’ve exchanged by lunchtime (as was intended) and I hope that the estate agent wasted lots of time showing people round and stuff on that morning as I loathe them. Penny I don’t loathe all estate agents, just ones named Julian).

Wednesday lunchtime we decide to play on the beach and chuck stones in the water in the rain. Actually really good fun, especially trying to get big ones to plop loudly. As with all stone throwing games it ended in tears as child found a huge rock and slung it really rather hard in my direction when he miscalculates and it cracked me on the brow knocking me out. Egg on forehead, mild concussion and a rather attractive thick mono brow look going on. My mum tries to work out which of her children she trusts the least by text when I send her the photo. Wednesday afternoon me and the mono brow (and child) decided to go to Lyme Regis aquarium where we are thrilled to have a go at hand feeding tame mullet. It sounds odd but was a wonderful experience and made me cry (although that could have been the concussion). For the record mullet have no teeth thankfully.

Left Lyme at 8.15pm yesterday evening and made it home by 12.30am even though the M3 exit to the M25 in both directions was shut and we had to go via Sunbury and back down the M3 again. Sadly this time the Starbucks on the M3 was shut as too late and I curse and have to buy a giant cola bottle from the pick and mix instead.

So from a week Friday we are going to have two mortgages and I’m going to have to permanently give up my latte addiction and ebay dress addiction as a renovation project and two mortgages look like a recipe for permanent financial ills. Can you remind me of how much I love my new house one day! We are hoping to move in before Christmas but I’m not counting mine or anyone else’s chickens. I actually had a little cry yesterday as I loathe change and am moving in with the inlaws. Although last night I dreamt Zara Phillips was my new best friend in my posh house (I’m either not getting enough sleep or alcohol)…

I’m not going on holiday again. Which is a given really as I can’t afford to ever again!
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    Good luck with all this. I really enjoyed reading your blog.
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