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My wonderful day with the children.

Friday, September 09, 2011

I spent the day working in a home where the 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl are home schooled and it was a delightful day indeed. Their mom said they had the day off from school because I was there.

I was regaled with stories about the family pets ranging from praying mantis and hissing cockroach to chickens to a corgi mix and a guinea pig. I’ve been considering a guinea pig for myself and the children were full of tips which may save me some trouble when I do get one.

The daughter spent a good part of the day working alongside me, chattering, asking questions, and making notes about how I make my cleaning products. An intriguing thing about this: She got up and ate breakfast and then went outside for a little bike ride. When she came in she said, “That ride made me feel so good that I need to do some work.” Then later, “I’m tired. I need to go ride my bike so I can feel better.” Yes, the magic power of exercise was laid out for me by an 8 year old.

The son woke up and promptly went to work in the kitchen. He made himself a cup of tea while he considered what to cook. Suddenly he shouted, “Tofu!” He is the lone ethical vegan in the home, the rest of the family eating largely vegetarian. It took him an hour to create his meal because he was improvising. He cut the tofu up and sautéed it adding garlic, vinegar, crushed mustard seeds, assorted herbs from their garden, and fresh jalapeño, all the while talking up a storm about everything from mythology to the moonflower he was pollinating in the kitchen. After eating his creation he rushed outside and set up a camp table and stove began hand dipping candles with periodic breaks to ride his bike.

Interspersed in these activities were a series of keyboard and stringed instrument music practice sessions, artwork, computer research, and absolutely no television (it is there but I have never even heard it mentioned).

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