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Another week of progress

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi all,
Still doing well after surgery. My internet modem decided to die right after my laptop died, so I haven't been on the internet much. Comcast made it out on Saturday to swap out my modem and I am now back online with my new laptop. Still need to work on my old desktop-it doesn't like the new stuff!

My back incision is still oozing some so I still have home health stopping by every day to bandage. They took out some of the staples last week at my dr. appointment and apparently I have pulled one out-not sure what they will do about that at the next dr. appointment on Wednesday. I don't think I will get rid of all the staples this soon yet. I am still on the Keflex since they don't know if the oozing is actual infection or just healing slowly. I have cut the pain meds - and do use them at night since I sleep on my back most of the time. I am cooking some and doing laundry and some cleaning-I have to be very careful of the no bending, lifting or twisting rules which can be difficult. And I'm still waiting to get in the shower since they don't want the incision to get wet yet.

I'm trying to catch up on emails and all while I was out. Thanks if I've not gotten back to you-A couple of weeks off line means lots of backup.

Today the weather was gorgeous-my lawn guy showed up today too-amazing how busy you can sometimes be when nothing is planned!

Take care, Diana
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