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Catching up.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

I have sat down to type this blog several times now - and even had one half done - but then someone or somthing distracts me, and it's all over....close the window - blog gone......

Anyway - I finally got my long run in last week - Friday I did 9 miles, which means, that I as of Friday - the 1/2 is exactly 1 month away..... emoticon a little scary - but I think I can do it.

The run Friday was tough - I ran intervals of 8/1, and then 6/1 and by mile 7.5 it was down to 3/1. I didn't realize how humid it was when I went out because the temp was low 70's. By mile 5 I knew. I planned a small water stop at a convenient store - as there really is no where for me to park some water, and I don't want to run with a belt or anything in my hands....so at mile 4 I popped into the store with my soggy $2....bought a water, and off I went....finished the 9 in 103 minutes....which I was pretty psyched about given the humidity.

Miles 7-9 were hard....for some reason my left leg, more or less around my knee really started bugging me.....that is what dropped the intervals...I had it in me to run longer - but that leg didn't want it......so it was a slow finish.

I iced it good after I stretched, but it really bothered me Friday night, when I bent it.....not sure what it was....Saturday morning - I was tight - and the knee was still letting it self be known - but as the day went on it got better. I iced again - just to help, and by the night - all was good.

Woke up yesterday ready to go run a 5K, but hubby told me to cool it - my bigger goal was more important - and he is right....so I didn't......

We watched the Patriots/Bills football game at the inlaws, and we just had a low key day.....

Around 6 I decided I needed that run though, and off I went.....I only went 2.02 miles though - the body was great - the humidity was AWFUL. I don't ever recall running where after only about 1/4 mile, my shorts and shirt were stuck to my skin like a bathing suit, and the sweat was just pouring....it was GROSS.....this weather pattern really needs to change my long run day on Thursday.....which is a 10 this week.

The other exciting news is that we are going to adopt a puppy. She is a Lab/Spaniel/Hound mix....this is her:

I am nervous....never trained a puppy - but once she is old enough - it will be nice to have a running buddy. The boys are over the moon excited. They had a decision to make......another trip to Canada this Winter, or the puppy....they couldn't have both - because the puppy would still be young, and we wouldn't want to put her in a kennel for a week.....they chose puppy....

She is 8 or 9 weeks old now - and she will be transported to MA from LA in late October...as a matter of fact, she will arrive the day before my 1/2....so hubby is going to have puppy duty her first night here - because I need to sleep.....

We are excited! Have a great day...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So cute! :-)

    And great job with the exercises. I know my knee, too - so I keep good care of it. That is the most "wearing off" part of the body, as I learned recently. And no replacement parts. Hope yours and mine both get well soon!
    3447 days ago
    Great job getting that run in!! I hope your knee feels better as you continue your training.
    I love the puppy...so cute! I know my boys would pick a puppy over a trip to just about anywhere. Yes, your husband will definitely have to be on puppy duty that first night... :)
    3449 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1610124
    She is the most adorable puppy I have seen in a long time.
    Congrats on all the running. I really admire runners. I tried the C25K last year and came up with Plantar Fascitis. I may retry when I get a little more weight off. Sadly, I did not lose any during months of running the program.
    3449 days ago
    How sweet! She's be a great addition to your family - I'm happy for you all :)
    Congrats on your runs - you're doing a super job!!
    3449 days ago
    Look at the adorable pup!!! Your boys must be so elated to have such a cutie!!! Have fun with all that a puppy can give!!! So great!!!

    Take it easy with the knees... Sounds like you know what your doing... Hubby was right not to 'race' ... That may have been too much, you know, when you race, you push harder than just going for a run.

    Great to hear all is stays quo... Keep on keepin on! XxJ
    3449 days ago
    what an adorable puppy. I wish we could have a puppy but landlord says no. Bummer. wtg on all the running i am barely walking lol. But some day maybe i will be posting my doing a run. Good luck with your run!! keep positive and God Bless!! Huggs, Katie
    3449 days ago
    OMG that puppy is adorable!!! I love puppies!!!

    I wanted to advise-(don't you love when strangers give you advice?) I ran my first half and experienced some tightness around my knees during training, usually around 7 miles, and during my half at mile 12 I about lost the ability to move my knee at all. I finished the half but had to take over 2 months off of running. When I finally went to the doctor and had it checked out, he said nothing was wrong with my knees and suggested getting a gait test and new footwear from a running store. I'm so glad I did, because the next day I was back out there with no issues.

    So if you are having knee issues, it may be worth it to have a professional running company check you out!

    Beyond that, way to go for getting out there and doing it!!!

    Go daisies!!!
    3449 days ago
    What an adorable puppy! It's great to have a running buddy...I miss Fritz every day. Good job on the long run!
    3449 days ago
    Knee pain just sucks! Glad things are feeling better.

    I hope DH is ready for some serious puppy-sitting that first night! My experience has been they cry lots, unless you let them sleep with you! But, how neat for your boys, and for you!

    Hope your knee continues to feel better!
    3449 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9354557
    Your puppy is adorable! You two will have so much fun being running buddies! :)
    3449 days ago
    What a cutie!!! Look at her little white paws & wrinkled eyebrows. Have you got a name picked out?

    I hope your knee doesn't bother you any more. Was it ok for your run last night?
    3449 days ago
    Yay for runs!! I hope your knee cooperates this week.
    The puppy is so cute.
    3449 days ago
  • VAS117
    I'm soooo jealous. She's the cutest thing. I hope she turns out to be a great running buddy for you!
    3449 days ago
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