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Addicted to sweets

Monday, October 03, 2011

I am so addicted to sweets that its not even funny. This is one of my big problems. I have other things that I can use for this addiction but sometimes its just not enough. Also when I feel stressed I run straight to the sweets. Right now I cant just give them up all completely its gonna take some time.
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    Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuhu

    So glad to see a fellow muslimah and someone else who cannot keep away from the sweets! That's me for sure. My biggest weakness of all!!! All good advice here and let's just follow it....I believe in the substituting fresh fruits and even sneaking honey once in a while instead of the dreadful sugar. Also, we should try our best to eat natural whole foods, and avoid processed stuff of any kinds. I've been part of Spark people for awhile, but haven't been too serious about following, now I'm trying to get better, as my health has started to deteriorate and the doctor prescribed blood pressure meds for my high blood pressure. She said that my weight was definitely a factor. Are you still following WW program? Is it very helpful. I like the spark nutrition tracker and fitness tracker also. This website is a good resource for those who are trying to get fit.....visit my page please and post!

    All the best...Umimran
    3004 days ago
    It is so true that we turn to certain foods which will take the place of what we are feeling. I, for one am an emotional eater, and my downfall is carbs of any sort. Sugar is a tough one. The advice of the other team members is dead on. Many of us on this journey have something we turn to when we are dealing with stress, or challenges in our lives. Sometimes it is simply the fact we have a wish for it. I believe that this is the reason that healthy eating plans include sweets. Portion control and planning makes it work with your goals. Sometimes, when I am aware of an emotional cause for my cravings (and of course hormonal or physiological) I will try and divert myself for a bit.
    I have found drinking hot tea or cocoa may help. I have also found exercise a good diversion. By that time, if I still have my craving, I will indulge (hopefully in moderation)
    I wish you the best as you work on this challenge.
    I am glad to hear from you once again. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3028 days ago
    When you have the time, look at our team "W8WATCHERS SUPERB HEALTHY RECIPES" and down on the page you'll find a thread about addiction to sugar.
    You'll find great advice, reading those two articles.

    3028 days ago
    PERSISTENCEMIMI...thanks so much you ROCK!!!! I appreciate it so much. I noticed even last week on fb someone had a bday cake as a profile pic and I had to commit on it. Its a serious sickness for me.
    3028 days ago
    Just looking at the picture of these candies makes me want to eat them......

    Here is a recipe I bake often. The points are from the previous plan, not from the PointPlus plan. Still, you can eat a large piece for very few points.
    I reduce the amount of Splenda, and if you don't use splenda, choose your favorite sweetener (not candies or chocolate.....smile...)


    RUSTLESS PUMPKIN PIE (my favorite. Got it from a WW friend)

    Recipe makes two 9” pies . Each pie has 6 servings
    1 Slice= 1 point (total of 12 servings in both pies)

    I purchased the 32 oz. real egg product, original egg beaters.
    1 cup of this equal 4 eggs.
    2 cups of this equal 8 eggs.

    1¾ cup Splenda
    1 tsp salt
    3 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp ground ginger
    ½ tsp nutmeg
    2 small containers of Egg Beaters (4 eggs each container)
    1 29 oz can of pure pumpkin
    2 cans of fat free evaporated milk

    • Mix the Splenda with all the spices
    • In a separate bowl mix the pumpkin with the egg beaters
    • Add the Splenda/spice mix to the pumpkin mix
    • Slowly add the evaporated milk while mixing
    • Pour the mixture into two 9” pie pans that have been sprayed with cooking spray
    • Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes
    • Reduce the oven temperature to 350 degrees and bake for another 20-30 minutes until a toothpick comes out dry
    • Cut each pie into 6 slices and


    I also like green smoothie

    handful of spinach leaves
    handful of swiss chard leaves
    piece of fresh ginger, peeled
    one apple
    one cup of almond milk or soy milk (I don't know how it tastes with skim milk(
    Couple of ice cubes
    Cinnamon to taste ( I like cinnamon so I put a nice amount)
    Splenda to taste

    Blend it all in the blender until smooth.
    I have the VitaMix machine so it liauifies everything so well.

    Fruit is always a great choice.Pinaapple, banana and mango have the most sugar in them.

    How about a SMALL piece of dark chocolate every day? Dark chocolate is good for you.

    Good luck

    3028 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/3/2011 4:10:21 PM
    IRISHEI...Thanks so much for posting. I do need to fill my cupboards w healthy snacks and stop using my kiddies as an excuse like they need the sweets. I always tell myself they are just kids its ok to have something but NO its making them also make bad decisions. Alot of times I have problems w my water also.

    Ok I can do this I can do this. Ok I will try to stay strong.

    Thanks for the suppport.

    3028 days ago
    IILAAD65...Thanks so much for posting on my blog. I know I can do it bc before I wasnt even eating sweets like this at all. I think this times in w my emotional eater and also some of the sweets that I eat bring back happy moments that happened in my childhood.

    I ate lots of grapes on Sat. and I just now realized that I too didnt crave for other sweets exactly like you said. I just had a salad though but now I want something sweet. May I need to chew some extra gum.

    Thanks for the pointers.
    3028 days ago
  • IILAAD65
    You can do this ... we can do this together.

    My new motto is that I want to be back in "ONE-derland" by Jan 1...


    I can't get there unless this sugar gets out of my life.

    3028 days ago
  • IILAAD65
    I have the SAME problem.

    Here is what has hit me lately - and I will call it "MY WAKE UP" call!

    Alec Baldwin lost 20lbs by limiting his sugar intake (NO EXERCISING AT ALL)

    I have a coworker that has lost 65lbs+ this year, again no exercise just limiting sugar.

    then I got a Spark email with this article...

    I am on DAY 3 of limiting my added sugar intake. I have decided to adopt the WW way of eating all the fruits and veggies I want. Guess what?? NO cravings so far!!! AND I didn't make my bottom calorie count ..

    Today I am a bit tired but I think my body is balancing things out. I will NOT give up my sparkstreak!!
    3028 days ago
    Hang in there and make sure your cupboard has healthy snacks in it. Try to eat
    an apple or pear when you want something sweet. Drink lots of water. Don't buy the sugary things.

    I know how you feel, since I like something sweet and then something salty right behind it. I am working on this problem also. You can do this! Stay strong!

    Irish Ei emoticon
    3028 days ago
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