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"Playing" tennis

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ok, I have never blogged before and I have to admit I am a bit intimidated to even try one. I read other peoples blogs occasionally and everyone seems so witty and wise. I have enjoyed writing poetry and short stories in my past. I even published a fanzine for a while and took a writing correspondence course. So it should not be as hard as I feel it is going to be. I guess I am having trouble deciding on what to blog about. Maybe it is fear that is making me stall. Being an approval addict, I fear people wil not enjoy my blogs content. It sounds pretty pathetic looking at it now.
So I guess I will start with "playing" tennis with my children today. I use the term "playing" very loosely. We spend quite a bit of time chasing the balls around the court. This all started, I guess, back when I was in high school. I have never been athletic in my life. I HATED gym class! I was over weight and uncoordinated. I esp. hated team sports. It is bad enough to do badly in gym but when you are the cause of your team's losing the game, it really bites.
Fortunately, my best friend in high school was equally over weight and uncoordinated and we actually had gym class together for one whole semester one year. So we signed up for all the same class choices in gym and chose tennis as the least physically and emotionally demanding option. After a couple days of seeing how bad we were the gym teacher paired us up as partners. Needless to say, we lost all our doubles matches. But when it was just the two of us trying to lob the ball back and forth over the net, and chasing the ball more often than not, we shared some of the funniest moments of our friendship.
So, fast forward, about eighteen years, as a homeschooling mom who still hated physical activity but knew she had to do something for PE with the kids, I decided to introduce my wonderful children to the joys of "playing" tennis.
We too chase the ball more often than not. We do occasionally get a good lobbing going, though. We sweat, we get winded and we sometimes laugh until we cry. We may never go pro but oh the memories we will cherish forever!
Well, that went better than I thought! Maybe blogging will become my "new" thing, after all.
Until next time, love & skittles,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on writing the first blog and putting it out there.
    Don't worry about what ya share, some blogs are useful to others some are just useful to us. Either way it gives us something to think about.
    Can relate to the whole gym class scenario and the playing at tennis! The only time I eber made an A in gym was when the teacher let me tutor English 3 weeks a month and sit out the fourth because it was that TOM!!!
    Welcome to SparkPeople!
    Enjoy the Journey!

    3224 days ago
    Welcome to SP and congratulations on your first blog! Don't worry, nobody was born an avid blog-writer. We all started out from somewhere. Just share your thoughts and your views when you feel like it.
    Finding ways for our children to exercise can be difficult but it's definitely rewarding for the whole family.
    Keep on Sparking!
    3225 days ago
    Great blog...would have never known you don't do it regularly if you didn't tell us. I was giggling remembering my own time on a tennis court with my sister. Lots of laughs, and good memories, so thanks for jogging them.

    Keep 'em coming! I've learned more about myself and others by blogging every day, and besides, it's one extra point for each blog each day. Who couldn't use more goodie money, eh?

    We're all right here to cheer you on, pick you up if you stumble, or kick your butt when you get lazy....but that's what friends are for.

    Blessings, and SPARK ON!
    3225 days ago
    Great first blog! I never played tennis...but I like badminton and volleyball.
    That is a great thing to do with the kids...so fun.
    3225 days ago
    Don't worry about blogging here -- blog for yourself, and you'll pretty soon discover how wise and witty YOU are!

    I'm glad you had fun playing tennis -- I too remember lots of time spent chasing the ball! But it's fun to get out there in the fresh air and swing a racket around. I'm glad you got to share that time with your kids!
    3225 days ago
    At least you are getting out and trying!
    3225 days ago
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