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#514: What Color Is Your Life?

Friday, October 07, 2011

What color is your life?

Lately mine has been a blah gray. Oh, sure, there have been occasional periods of brilliant red, vivid blues and greens and bright yellow but those have been overwhelmed by long periods of muddy brown and coal black.

Most of this blandness is, I'm certain, due to boredom, with every day seeming to be just as every other day. My best friends live in Texas and Wisconsin so with my being in Florida we rarely see each other. My brother and sister each live about 20 minutes from me yet I see them perhaps twice a year on a holiday. They don't call or visit, claiming they are too busy.

And, unfortunately, like most people, because of finances and pets, I am not able to pick up and travel. So each day becomes one of catching up with Internet connections, doing yardwork when it needs to be done and decluttering and cleaning the house when the mood hits.

While I serve on a city and a county advisory board -- Criminal Nuisance Abatement Board and Commission on Aging -- those provide interaction only every quarter for the former and every other month for the latter. In between, we are prohibited by the state's sunshine law of communicating with other board members about board business.

I am producing a book for adult reading students -- a long-term six to 12 months project from completion and is a solitary endeavor, although every couple of months I do meet with two other writers, discuss the book's progress and get their thoughts on it.

I do bowl in a league once a week and practice once or twice but other than at league don't see my teammates. They, like my brother and sister, say their lives are so busy they don't have extra free time available.

So my days are filled with boredom, days of gray, without excitement.

What would drive my passion? I don't know. I've looked at many volunteer opportunities without any one popping out and grabbing my interest.

And so I ask myself, "How can I get more days of red or blue, green or yellow or purple?"

Then I think of you, my Internet friends, and wonder:

What color are your lives?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I Agree with your colors in a way, EVEN though I Do have kids involved in various activities, My interactions with people are quick and fleeting. Whether it be at work in the grocery store, Or sports games, or dropping my daughter off at school dances. I only talk to people briefly , including family members. Whom most I Live fairly close to, also. I DO IMMENSELY enjoy Holidays, with them, because that's when MOSTLY, We're all together) I need to try to add more color and activity in, my life, with people my own age, not just be part of my kids lives.
    3409 days ago
    My days are very colorful - so much that I am often exhausted when I get home.

    Color is an interesting concept in my home. I am very sensitive to color and enjoy all of its richness and hues. It is vibrant to me and part of what I drink in every day; a salve to my soul, from the silvery glow of the first frost on a foggy morning, to the rich glowing reds, yellows, and oranges of autumn leaves as the sun sinks in the evening.

    Mike, on the other hand, is colorblind. I try to imagine his world and I can't. Happily, it rarely bothers him because he has never known a wide color pallet. As long as I am around to help him with wiring, he is unconcerned.

    I am glad you have your bowling league. You know how addicted I am to my music, so this idea won't surprise you. Why don't you take up an instrument? I can spend hours with my music; there is no loneliness when I pick up my guitar and play. And we are never too old to learn. I began guitar lessons at 56.

    3412 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/29/2011 6:57:15 AM
    I saw something the other day on UTUBE about a guy that gave the challenge to do something for 30 days you always wanted to do. He was always a "nerdy" type guy. He said this helped him to do things he never would have done otherwise (in his natural motivation) and he did some pretty amazing things. Really . . . .

    Anyway, it's just a though. Just think about it. What have you always wanted to do? Can you do it? Can you plan it? Like taking a picture of something you think is amazing every day . . . for 30 days? Life is a progression after all. As long as they all count for something good and you can say you did your best, there will be all sorts of colors . . . mine are just a streak . . . let's not talk about that, OK? It's embarrassing . . .
    3424 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11138528
    My life is a rainbow of colors , but for too many years I have too far red days ....that is anger days at all the negative people I have in my life and far too many blue days because like you my finances hold me back. Gray , sounds good to me right now. LOL I guess you don't have people in your life telling you how to live it like I do. Count your blessings! I have read a few of your blogs before, but didn't comment. I might be wrong , but I detect that you desire to be nearer to your friends in Texas. Desire can kill a person so if that is truly what you would like then MAKE IT HAPPEN! I am not saying it would be easy ......just saying emoticon
    3425 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Lately my life has been gray. I hope to add more color. I need a boost also.

    Let's do something FUN!
    3425 days ago
    Hi Lou;

    Like you I am alone with my dogs and family is right next door but no contact. My family and children call some but like you say everyone is busy. I try and keep my color bright and sunny but there are days I don't want to get out of bed. I have a big house, 5 acreas of land to keep neat and a garden in the warm weather. I love my flowers and gardening so warm weather is bright colors but winter I bowl 3 to 4 leagues and I am going to join the Senior Center in town. I worked for 28 years and knew everyone but out of site out of mind.

    Stay with you healthy life style and good luck with your bowling. God bless you always. Learn something new each day.

    Smile Joyce
    3427 days ago
    I love reds and pinks. They make me happy. I am a only child with no brothers or sisters. I am close to my dad and my mom has passed away. I have many cousins and friends that fill my life with hope and love. The hubby and sons are often busy with there own things but we make time for the holidays and the special dinners that I make as my sons are getting older and like being with there own friends. Hope you can fill your life with a special color that will bring you happiness. Praying for you my special friend here on Spark!

    Wendy emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3428 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/13/2011 3:19:27 PM
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    My days are filled with vivid reds, shimmering yellows, and vibrant greens - much like the colors of fall in Chicagoland! My joy in is the Lord! He has blessed me abundantly - not with money or fame, but with friends and opportunity.

    Every night before I go to bed, I email a girlfriend (my gratitude buddy) 5 things that I am grateful for that day. There isn't a day that goes by that I am at a loss for 5 things to be grateful for. Tonight, YOU, Lou, will be on my gratitude list. It's friends like you who encourage me and add to the joy in my life. Praying for you, my friend.
    emoticon emoticon
    3429 days ago
    I work in a home office, myself, and find that even though I am married, the solitude of it can be deafening sometimes. I am on the constant lookout for ways to get myself outside of the house to be around 'people'. A person can only buy so many groceries for entertainment! Have you considered an exercise class, one that makes you leave the house several times a week? Just being around others can add Spark to your day, and will make a difference in their days as well. Keep on looking for that soft glow of pinks and the fiery hue of orange and red to splash your pallet. It's out there! And when you find it, your writing will truly benefit.

    BTW, I enjoyed reading Alaskasky's posting about Steve Jobs.
    3431 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7402665
    My world is probably a different color each day. I live a very busy life, filled with many different people. So gray days don't happen often. Sounds like you need to shake up your daily routine. Maybe get involved with a senior community center or become a senior companion, or an exercise group? I think the idea of getting involved with students is great.
    3431 days ago
    Still having one child home, a 14 year old, my life is still very much a kaleidoscope of color. I know the time is coming, and quickly, when she will be in college and out on her own, the last of our four kids to make her own way. So far within out marriage, we have always had house guests living with us, and that keeps things lively. In a couple years Bill's mother will have to leave her assisted living facility and she will be living with us. Her Alzheimer's will no doubt recolor my world entirely. Isn't it awesome that our lives never remain the same color?!
    3431 days ago
    My life is usually very green & brown, Nature filled. Lately, it is extremely void of any color. More rain than ever before if you get my drift. I am getting a great deal of comfort & clarity from it hoping to emerge a bright bloom!

    I tell people to reach out & color their world. That is what i plan on doing in a week or so, join me? Lets both color our world, ok?
    3431 days ago
    Congrats on your book. Sounds very interesting. I used to be a Literacy Volunteer.

    My life is supposed to be bright yellow.

    But I find myself fighting off the gray and black blahs all the time.

    I think my life is a rainbow of colors, some days I see purple, some days I see green. It depends on the mood I'm in at the time.

    Just keep searching and you'll find what you're looking for. I'm searching for something more in life also.

    If you get a chance, go to my blog, "Inspiration in an Apple" and click the link. It sure made me think.

    There are so many people out there who need our help, who are lonely and suffering and would love to have a friend like you.

    3432 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/9/2011 10:26:15 AM
  • no profile photo CD6400103
    phew.... my teenage years were pitch black..
    now these days its yellow, red, pink but the last 2 weeks its gray...(broke my toe )
    3432 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Mostly emoticon , sometimes emoticon

    emoticon ~Leslie
    3432 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Interesting question. Most of my life has felt like technicolour - everything too bright. I used food to reduce the intensity. As I get healthier, I've gotten better at creating a mostly calm & pretty greeny-blue life, with spikes of colour here & there.

    It sounds like you are feeling purpose-less and a bit lonely. Or maybe that's just me projecting. lol I'm at a place in time where I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. I have all this time at my disposal - but little money & limited transportation.

    So what do you do when you have the time to do anything? For me, the purpose has been to "get healthy" - but as I achieve that, I'm looking around more and more and wondering... what exactly is it I'm looking for?

    Good luck finding what it is that makes your life colourful. Maybe you should try something completely out of your comfort zone - and see if that does the trick.
    3433 days ago
    When I first read your blog, my initial reaction and visual was gray/black with spikes of vibrant colors. It made me feel pretty low actually, to realize that! Almost like, if I must label it, but my first thought of my visual, a bi-polar color chart! Ha! I guess we are all entitled to highs and lows and fluxes in our moods and levels of happiness! Just wish my original view of my chart was more balanced, more even, more flowing rather then extreme spiking here and there! But life just doesn't happen that way all the time, does it? Not to mention that it is only our personal perceptions that allow us to see it one way or the other.

    Hmmm... maybe grey is a good thing? An amalgamation of all colors? Ha, ya, ok!

    Have a sunshinny yellow day Lou!
    3433 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/8/2011 1:22:04 PM
  • BOVEY63
    My colors change often and sometimes without warning. Yesterday was full of vibrant colors - spending the day with my mom and two former employees. Today it's as gray as the skies - wondering if/when another job will come along, will I get by until then and if I will ever have a man who truly loves me for me.

    I see the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. Maybe that will lift my spirits.

    I see so many talents, and much wisdom, in you Lou. Sharing them with others, through your passion to volunteer, would benefit them and bring lots of color to your life. Just remember the world can always use more Lous in it! I am blessed to be friends with the original!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3433 days ago
  • IILAAD65
    I take it you are retired... well maybe volunteer at a school? Join a Florida spark team and head up a meeting near you?

    Just be creative!

    Lately i would say my life is a scattering of colors! Running wild each day because I am incredibly TOO busy. I treasure the peaceful moments I do get.

    3433 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I think my color would be gray with a splotch of yellow now & then. It does seem as each day just rolls into the other and I've found the older I get the faster they roll. There are days I feel as if I'm just spinning my wheels and not going anywhere. I like the idea of you considering passing your knowledge down to local students. The one on one interaction would add a little color to both your worlds.
    3433 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6035648
    Hi Lou, I understand exactly what you're saying. When my dad died, my world was pretty much black, not grey, black. I had lost my purpose, my reason for waking up every morning.. Then I signed up for nursing school, and my days are now consumed with studying. I enjoy it, but it is overwhelming for me. I have no idea what the color is for overwhelmed.. lol.
    I was wondering, since you love to write, why not look into volunteering at a school? You can tutor students daily on how to improve their writing skills. This way, you're combining your love of writing, with helping someone else. My dad used to read aloud to little ones at our local elementary school. He loved it and so did the kids. He also used to go to nursing homes to read to the residents there, or just spend time with them, as many of them either had no family, or no one ever bothered to visit.
    Praying that you will find something that you enjoy to fill your days..
    3433 days ago
    Excellent Question. My life is a warm, mellow, yellow right now. With occasional splotches of bright green to shake things up! Thanks for asking - I hope your gray fades away to be replaced by a fabulous shade!
    3433 days ago
    When I saw your title my first thought for me was gray. then I see i'm not alone. Funny how our days just flow one into the next. Sometimes I wonder am I missing something? I don't think so but it is funny how each day moves one in the next with not much change from the last. So is it up to us to make the changes? I would love to but yet I have not the time or the energy to make the change. What is happening in this world? Time is so short really we must get as much color out of it as we possibly can.
    3433 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10937514
    I have days of gray and black mixed in with my days of color. I would say during a week I have about 3 days of blah gray with the rest being a full rainbow of colors. I combat my blah with volunteer work, and tons of homework. The homework isn't my idea, I can't get away from it; thankfully, I sometimes enjoy it. I volunteer with a program called Take Stock in Children; it's a program based in Florida. It's a scholarship program that focuses on low income at risk youth and pairs them with a mentor to help stem the growing number of high school dropouts. If your interested check out http://takestockinchildren.org/.
    3433 days ago
    Wow, I have never taken the time to think about this. It seems like my life is so busy and full that I would rather have some time to just be. I love writing and it feels like I never have enough time to do this. I do spend a lot of time with my dogs and would love to be able to leave them more and travel. I guess I would have to say that my life feels pretty much like a rainbow these days.

    I do understand how you feel. It seems to me that a lot of people feel isolated these days. I bet somewhere out there very near you are other people who feel exactly like you do. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to bring people together?
    3433 days ago
  • AFENS1
    My days almost run parallel with yours, but I find a way to try and capture those vivid colors that we all long for. so, I make every day a journey to fight the blah-grays and coal blacks so I can survive this existence and not become part of the prozac-nation. Life is worth this journey and fighting every day at least gives me sight on the vivid colors however minute.
    3433 days ago
    emoticon Mine is a rainbow. I try to keep busy with caring for my GS, working part-time, and with family & friends. I actually wish I had more time to volunteer with children.

    What is your passion ~ besides writing?( I love kids, so I enjoy any activity that involves them.) Think of the many gifts that God has given you...we are all so blessed and need to use those gifts and talents to their full potential. (Maybe Big Brother ...I'm sure there are plenty of kids who would love to spend the afternoon bowling with you.How about volunteering with the elderly or teaching the illiterate?) Start small and build from there...soon you won't have any "extra free time available" either. You are a wonderful person, Lou...go out and let your light shine!
    3433 days ago
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