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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's so easy to look at you and pick the negatives out right away while skipping over the greatness. Beautiful high cheekbones, for instance. Super strong legs, and a heart and lungs that can keep you going for 26.2 miles! Incredible!
Even your laugh lines are beautiful, it shows how easy you are to give a smile to someone and laugh heartily at life.
I'm sorry I have mistreated you and put you down so often. Filled you with too much food and stifled you with laziness. When really you scream to move and eat wholesome real food. You carried two beautiful boys and have gorgeous stretch marks and scars to prove it. You ran a marathon, 6 half marathons, countless 5K's and a warrior dash with only a few complaints. Ran up the Bennington Battle Monument (438 steps, thank you very much) and didn't ask for anything in return.
For all you do for me, I promise from this day forward to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. I promise to eat whole, clean food and move you everyday into a sweaty mess (I know you love being red faced and sweaty after a good run more than anything). I promise to overlook the negative and focus on the positive everyday. Thank you for all you have done for me and will do in the future. I love you
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