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To chew or not to chew.....

Friday, October 14, 2011

That is the question. I just read a blog from one of my Spark friends about binge eating and why it happens and how to stop it. I've had such a history with binge eating since I can remember and after 38 years of life in this world, I am finally(I think) realizing what (or why) is going on. Yes, there are times when I am truly just hungry and want everything in sight. I've also read that sometimes PMS is a trigger...BUT, why do I have to reach for everything in sight? The bag of Doritos, then a piece of chocolate, then crackers, then a piece of chocolate, then doritos again...catch my drift? Then after I realized the bag of doritos is almost gone, the chocolate bar has only one row left, I feel that fullness in my stomach. I just feel like throwing it all up (which I don't)! I feel absolutely GUILTY!

I've read that there MUST be some underlying reason why people binge eat. Something traumatic happened to them, something psychological...it may be but for me, I cannot think for the life of me that underlying issue. I've had a pretty good childhood. I have a great life right now with my DH, DD and DS...so what could it be?

I mentioned before that I may have come to that realization why it happens and I think it's because I just love food! I love food! What I am only learning now is that I've been loving the wrong kinds of food. I think it's ok once in a while to eat those really- bad- for- you- but -oh -it -taste- so- good kind of foods but just NOT ALL THE TIME. I am not perfect, you are not perfect, we are only humans - we have to fail in order to learn, pick ourselves up and reboot and get our senses back in order. It's OKAY, just not all the time.

What I have figured out is this - when I do have those cravings, and I know I shouldn't and I have the willpower (some that is), I grab a couple pieces of gum. Ever since I started doing this a few years back, it didn't occur to me what was happening. Believe me there were still times when I grabbed everything in sight only to realize I should have just grabbed the gum. After several years of trial and error, it has become a habit for me to reach out for the gum instead of that bag of chips or the chocolate bar.

So, what I am also realizing in the midst of all these revelations is that is it just the chewing motion that I need to do or is it the food? I have experienced the outcome from both....I feel like crap when I binge eat OR I feel fine, satisfied, better and relieved as I'm chewing my gum. Don't get me wrong, I love food, always will but this battle of food is only making me educate myself more on how, what and when to eat. The numbers on the scale going down and the jeans feeling better is probably one of the results of those few times I reached out for the gum instead of the bag of chips or cookies. I feel like I just won that forever battle in my mind for that time AND my mouth is minty fresh :)

So, to chew or not to chew?? Chew gum to your life's content emoticon emoticon
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  • PAGI1005
    Great post, I'm going to try it too. I eat out of boredom mostly, but when eating the wrong food starts, I can't seem to stop for a week or two. By then, I'm back at square on, gained all that I have lost. This time I'll try to break this habit faster or keep loads of gum available. Can't eat food, if gum is in the mouth. Thanks for writing on this subject.
    3255 days ago
    For me, it happens mostly at work, when I am working in a particularly boring or difficult task I don't want to do. Suddenly I want to go to the vending machine and buy some cookies or chips!
    Lately I've been trying the gum and it seems to work emoticon
    3266 days ago
    I agree that there is something about snapping and crunching with my teeth that is just something I want to do sometimes. In my case it is related to being either anxious or angry. Don't know why, but I don't have to in order to interrupt the habit. My new favorite gum is lychee and lavender sugarless gum (Japanese brand). Go for the gum and pass on the chips!
    3266 days ago
    Oh my gosh! This sounds just like me...the binge eating, even when not hungry, and not because I've been traumatized by something or whatever, but just because I love food! I get in these moods, and I tell my DH, I want something really tasty...it's all about how good the food is, not necessarily how hungry I am. I guess I'm going to have to try the gum. Not sure if it will work for me, but I'm willing to try it! Thanks for the idea emoticon
    3267 days ago
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