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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ok, I know this is maybe a little touchy, but I just have to know. I am 153 lbs. I am a size 8-10 pants, and I am a size s/m top. Now, here's the deal. I don't feel like I look as big as a size 8-10. I k now I'm not little, but I'm not fat either. 8-10 isn't a fat size, but why do we all think that.

So, here's the deal, I am 5'2 and 153 lbs. My measurements are as follows:
Waist: 29.25 inches
Belly Button: 33 inches
Hips: 42.25 inches
Thigh 26 inches.

Holy cow that sounds so freaking big! But I just don't feel like I look that big. I'm a wider framed girl, I get that, but for realz, how wide can one really be. I must have a lot of inches to lose.

If you aren't ashamed....what are your measurements? Your size?

I think it's interesting to see how completely different our bodies can be yet we wear the same size in clothes. I think another comparison is what is your body fat in comparison to your measurements? And then, take someone else at 153 lbs and compare a picture of them to me and their body looks totally different. It's just nuts. We compare compare compare, but really...aren't we all so totally different any way? How much can we really compare and wish to be someone else until we get the fact that we just aren't made like them and we have to try to be the best that OUR body is capable of being. It just amazes me.

Just some random thoughts I had today. =) It's my last day of conferences and I'm so super tired, so my mind is racing now. Tomorrow starts fall break! Wooo!
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    ok..I am 126lbs....5ft6ins....waist 24.5...belly button 30ins....hips 33.5....thighs 18.5.....
    Size clothing.....8... however it is our size 8 which I think may equate to about your size 3...not sure....
    3421 days ago
    I am 136lbs, 5'2" and wear a size 8/9 , waist 27.5, bellybutton 31, hips 36. It depends on where I shop though with what jean size I fit into, it's crazy I can wear from a size 4 to a size 10. Kind of frustrating!
    3421 days ago
    I can so relate to this! I'm definitely a PEAR shape, and I get that from my momma! Not a whole lot can be done about these hips! Especially after carrying a child! So I'm come to accept that it is what it is and all I can do is come to terms with the body I was given! =]

    As far as my size now goes, I'm wear a size 8 jean and a s/m top. last time I measured (in the beginning of january) I was:
    Waist: 27.25
    Belly button:33.5
    Hips (at widest point, around booty kind of.. I have a tough time measuring that one ALWAYS ugh ) 37.34
    Thighs :22

    and this is at 133 lbs! oh and i'm 5'5''

    It's amazing how everyone's shape is so different! some people can weigh MORE and look way thinner where as others can look at the same and be more/less!! I celebrate the differences though =] It's amazing how every single person is so unique!

    Oh and I think you have an amazing body btw =D everytime I see your pic I totally relate! I think we have very similar shapes! =] Heck yeah for curvy girls! =D
    3421 days ago
    I don't even know my measurements but I am a size 3 on the botton, Medium on the top. 5'2 ft. tall, 118 pounds...you don't look even chubby at your weight! Bone structure IS so crazy!
    3421 days ago
  • ICKA_2
    It is crazy how height/BF%/weight and build all work together to make you your own unique shape. I'm 5"9, 150 lbs but my measurements are a bit different. I know our belly button ones are the same tho =) I don't think size 8 is AT ALL fat! That's a good size to be proud to fit into. I myself am a s/m top and about a hundred different sizes in jeans depending on where I shop lol.
    3421 days ago
    Weights/measurements/sizes are so weird. For most of my adult life, I weighed around 125-130 and I wore a size 8 and didn't think anything of it. When I came on Sparkpeople I saw that people who weighed a lot more than that wear size 8's. At my heaviest, around 140, I was wearing 10's and 12's. When I was around 107-110, I wore 2's and now around 115, I wear 4/5's. It's obviously because I have bigger hips but I don't think I really look like I do. I don't really care what size I wear, though, just as long as they fit! :) Oh, and I'm 5'4" and when I last did measurements, about a year and a half ago, my waist was 25" and hips were 36".
    3421 days ago
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