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Goals and rewards...time to evaluate and get super serious.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Was going across HARDBODYCHICK's page and she had noted all of her weight goals and listed a reward for each lb loss. I'm thinking this may be a reward system I should use. So, I will try it and pray it works for me. I am 154 lbs today and my goal weight is 135...so I have about 20 lbs to lose. I may reevaluate my goal later, but I need to set it at this now. I plan to get my body fat tested and go from there, but for now, I will use my weight and measurements to decide my goals.

152 - Eye brows waxed
151 - 30 min relax in bath with glass of red wine
150 – New Black dress shoes
149 – New Brown dress shoes
148 – Winter running shirt
147 – Winter running pants
146 – 3 new shirts for work
145 – Winter sweater (I hope to be here by Christmas...9 weeks to lose 9 lbs...totally doable!)
144 – Earrings/bracelet set
143 – Purse
142 – Eye Brows waxed
141 – Tanning Package
140 – 2 pairs of jeans ( Hope to be here by Valentine's Day 2012!)
139 – Knee High boots
138 – Full spa pedicure with mom
137 – Sperry’s
136 – Knee High boots (gotta show off those legs now that I’m in the 130s!!)
135 – Full body massage! Reached goal!! (Hope to be here by Spring Break 2012!....gives me 21 weeks to lose 19 lbs)

I will post this on my page and print it off and put it in my bathroom. THis is a great reminder of not only the weight goals, but also the rewards I will get each time I get to a new weight! So, here's to losing 19 lbs in 21 weeks! =)
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