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#516: What Happened to Halloween?

Monday, October 31, 2011

I miss being a kid during Halloween -- the fun, the candy, and the innocence. emoticon

The ones I recall with the most fondness were when we were armed with an extra large pillowcase and often nothing more than an old white sheet with two holes cut out for eye slits. We roamed for what seemed miles but in reality was likely not that far. We could count on nearly every house being lit up in an invitation to stop by for Trick or Treat goodies. By the time we returned home tired but excited at the size of our bounties, it was well past dark. emoticon

Our parents did not worry about finding razor blades in apples or needles in our candy nor did they worry about us ringing the doorbell of a sexual predator. Heck, we didn't even know that term.

Now, as I drove home from dinner this evening, my neighborhood was practically all dark except for streetlights. Oh, sure, there were some houses lit up here and there but not many. emoticon

And nowadays we do worry about razor blades, needles, sexual predators and other dangers.

Our country is not as safe as in years past and our innocence has been forever tarnished.

That is a shame.

I applaud those neighborhoods that are safe and welcoming for their area's kids out to have some fun dressing up and Trick or Treating. emoticon

But, sadly, the number of such communities seems to continue to dwindle.

That, too, is a shame.

I know that as with many things we can not revert to the ways of days past but I do wish today's youth had the opportunity we had so many years ago.

At least those of us now adults have our memories of innocent fun. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Halloween was cancelled here due to the power outage and the wires and trees that were down everywhere. But we had Halloween here anyway....We stayed home and had some Halloween snacks.(in moderation) and had some the next day also.

    Wendy emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3401 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Lots of fun things have gone to the way-side because of things that go on today. It's really sad emoticon
    3403 days ago
    I agree it's so different now. I had very similar memories as a child. I didn't care so much about dressing up, just for that pillow case of candy . . . oh yeah!! These days, the dress up is fun. I love to paint my face. Think I'm going through my second childhood . . . . or shall I call it continuous childhood. That fits better. HAHA

    take care, as always, Jan

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3403 days ago
    I've lived in this house for ten years and never had one trick or treater. We are outside the city limits, but still. Our church and several others have begun having Fall Festivals at this time with hay rides, space walks, games, bonfires, face painting, free hot dogs and candy. I was delighted to see how many folks from the community showed up. We used to have an enclosed mall here and the merchants would have employees at the entrances to the stores, handing out candy to the kids. Kids in costume would roam the mall, having fun, indoors, so the weather was not an issue, in a safe environment. They tore the mall down and put in a series of streets full of stores and call it an outdoor mall now. Yuck. I thought the indoor thing was a great idea. The times, they are a-changing'... ALL the time.
    3406 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10201374
    I think people were more naive about the dangers, but the danger was still there. There was sex offenders even back then and I can name cases at the top of my head:

    Wineville Chicken Coop Murders: 1928
    Albert Fish: arrested in 1932
    Kidnapping of Florence Sally Horner: 1948
    Steven Stayner: 1972

    I could name more.

    I think we like to look back fondly, believing that things were so much better back then. Maybe in some ways they were. I agree that our innocence is gone.
    3407 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/2/2011 1:15:50 AM
  • SAMI199
    I agree,we do our best to make Halloween a fun & safe holiday for the kids -(We had over 130 this year)

    3407 days ago
    I get ya! I loved those days too. Remember those plastic masks with an elastic that went behind your head? I could never breathe right with those things. I was always worry I would fall cuz I could not see well either. Then your parents take your candy away and ration it, boo! I did that to my kids too, lol.

    I am having a hard time feeling bad for the kids. They have Soooo many things we did not have. Not that I mind what they have, I am glad they get to have music in a small device instead of 45's & 33's only at home. They have Internet, x box. WII, skate parks, chuck cheeses, etc... Halloween needs a makeover. Ditch trick or treat & candy. Costumes & parties are fun. Knocking on people's doors at night was a blast, but no longer safe. They don't need all that candy anyway.

    Sorry to be such a grump Lou.
    3407 days ago
    I agree, I have fond memories of being a kid at Halloween. We made our own costumes and left the house (at dark) to go trick-or-treating with a pillowcase. People made treats for us - candy apples, rice crispy treats, cookies. We went with our UNICEF boxes and people had big bowls with coins in them to put into our boxes.

    Now the children report to me that people don't even know what UNICEF is (although some of them explain why they are collecting for UNICEF and people will go get money for their boxes) candy is about the only thing that can go into the trick-or-treat bags because of fear of razor blades (and most of that was hype, not fact), and costumes are off the rack. It is very different. One thing is the same, though. The kids have FUN! And I am glad it is still that way in our community.
    3407 days ago
    It is sad what fears we have to worry about! But, Halloween was really good in our Neighborhood. Infact, probably one of our best, seeing as we are a developing neighborhood!

    Happy Halloween... or... shall I say, All Saints Day now!
    3407 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    I was so fortunate to grow up in an era where Halloween was safe too.
    When my boys were growing up, we always attended the town's Halloween Party held at a recreation complex - it is still held, and the kids have a wonderful time.
    3408 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Ah, good-old-days-itis. There were sexual predators back then too, we just didn't talk about it so kids were unprepared & unprotected. I agree that many parents over-do on the "safety" and don't allow for enough unstructured free play. I'm thinking it's a pendulum thing though. I was raised by hippie parents & did not have anywhere near the protection or supervision a child should have. In response, I went to the other extreme of over protection. It's my hope that the next generation will react to that over protection & end up somewhere near middle ground.
    3408 days ago
    Lou, I remember wonderful, fun trick-or-treating days, too. Such excitement! When our kids were growing up in the 80's and 90's, we still took them trick or treating, but since we lived in the country, we'd take them to the wealthy neighborhoods instead. Drex would "inspect" their candy, and yes, the inspection was for safety reasons, but most of his "inspecting" would be to remove all his favorite kinds after they'd gone to sleep, and they never missed it! emoticon

    I think, at least around here, Halloween is changing in that various neighborhood churches hold "Trunk or Treat", a much safer way for kids to come and get candy, wear their costumes, and have some old fashioned fun in a church parking lot. Our particular church does this inside, with the classrooms set up with different fun themes, so even if it's cold, the kids can have fun.

    Ah, well, you are right. Some of our memories will never be cherished by our children (or nieces, nephews, etc.) and their children, but we can continue to share them with them so that they will at least know what it was like for us... emoticon
    3408 days ago
    I Have very fond memories of Halloween growing up.(mid 70's- 80's) Homemade cookies, popcorn balls,...Bags and bags(well a couple pillowcases probably) While I live on a street in a small town that is busy , busy ,busy during Halloween, sadly there does seem less and less people giving out candy each year. I ran out of candy in about an hour. (trick or treat's two) (Right in the middle of dinner time! ) If I could have afforded it, I Would have gotten more candy. Even with the safety concerns today, I Wonder if ,money for candy may be a concern also .My son's b-day is today, and in the not too distant past, I could swing b-day dinner, gifts, and a GOOD amount of candy(AT LEAST $35 -$40 Worth)That's not the case right now,sadly.Fortunately my Kids(13, 11)got to enjoy Halloween for a good number of years before a lot of people in the neighborhood(including both our neighbors on either side) stopped giving out treats.:( Neither wanted to go out this year.:(
    3408 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/1/2011 7:56:11 AM
    Here they close of a part of town.....and there is booths set up. The kids trick or treat there for the most part. It is safer and your right....what happened to all the fun we had at Halloween?
    3408 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6400103
    we dont do halloween over here but we have a similar thing on November 11th. When children go door by door and sing songs and get candy. They dont dress up or anything.
    When i was a kid you could easily go alone in the street (if you are old enough) now days the candy gets stolen by the older children (14 y.+/-) and you can eat the candy without a wrapper cause you dont know if there is anything on there..

    I miss those days of innoncence, my 2,5 y old daughter is starting to do this this year and i am scared of what the next couple of years will be like...

    Such a shame.. Its not just america its all over the world :(
    3408 days ago

    I remember those days, too. And I remember being given homemade goodies -- something that safety experts now tell you to throw away if you are given them! Our community does a lot of park district and school acitivities to keep kids off the streets. I didn't get home from school until 8, so no trick or treaters for me tonight. But when it was on the weekend last year, I only had about a half-dozen kids. What's with that?

    I hope you treated yourself well today!
    3408 days ago
    So thankful that my kids were able to experience a good, old fashioned, run through the neighborhood with friends Halloween. I am grateful for this.
    3408 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    It's a shame things are the way they are today
    3408 days ago
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