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Trick or Treat 5K Trot

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hi Everyone...just had to report on my very first 5K virtual race. I ran (walk/jogged) on Oct. 30th. I did the run in 49:38 which was a 4 minute shave off my usual time...but then I made the dog stay home. I usually take her for the first mile and she slows me down. When I first started the 5k training, I would do 5 sets of walking 4 minutes, Jog 1 minute and believe me...that 1 minute felt awfully long! I mapped out the 5K and spent the 1st mile on walking warm up (dog walk) and then train the remainder and when my sets were completed I would walk the rest of the 5K for cool down. There were somedays that it was much more difficult for me. I learned I needed to eat something 45-60 min. before I went, otherwise I felt drained in no time. Usually banana w/ peanut butter, or 1/2 a protein bar. Lots of water before, during and after the runs.

I can now do 7 sets where I walk 2 min./jog 3 min. and often the last two sets I increase my time to 4 or even 5 minutes!!!! YES...I said 5 whole minutes!!!! I am amazed at myself...so is my husband. I'll be 59 in a few weeks and when I started I was 40 lbs over weight and I had NEVER run in my life unless it was to chase down my kid in my younger days :). I often had doubts I would ever beable to jog 5 whole minutes!

I signed up for the Rookies Runner club and am now on week 5/day 1 of training with that program...I skipped ahead to the level I am at and will progress from here. I signed up for another virtual 5K race right after Thanksgiving so maybe that incentive will help me avoid over indulging on turkey, dressing & gravy!!!

I love that Sparkpeople has sooo much to offer to help motivate, inspire, educate and support us in our healthy lifestyle changes. I am happy. Dieting has never been a time in my life I'd call "happy" but this is different. It's a good, sound, healthy way to live the rest of my life. Hopefully......I will do just that and go from walking/jogging to full on running!!!!!
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