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I know my worth. Do you know yours?

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm sensitive. I've always been super sensitive. I put on a brave face and a hard ass exterior to protect myself, but inside, I'm a big old ooey gooey sensitive sap. I can admit it. It's been a downfall for me since I was a little, chubby girl. My mom always told me it was because I have a big heart. I think it's because I had a big belly, and thighs, and cheeks. I overcompensated for my weight by being too nice as a kid and getting crapped on by my peers. As I got older, it got worse. I ended up in a toxic relationship that took it to a whole new level. When I finally got out, I had put up such a hard shell to protect myself that I've earned the reputation by many as a bitch. Which I'm ok with, because most of the people who think that don't know me at all.

Over the past month or so, I've come to some conclusions about my journey and my life that hit me so hard, they were almost like a kick in the head, but the clarity of it all has lifted a weight off my shoulders that I'd welcome it again and again. I've realized things that I think alot of people should. Affirmations, if you will. They're small, but very important to think about.

emoticon You are smart. Don't ever give anyone the power to make you feel like you're not. That power is in your hands. Nobody elses. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

emoticon Losing weight can be hard. Eating healthy can be hard. Changing jobs can be hard. LIFE can be hard. But working hard makes the end result so much sweeter. If you worked hard for it, you deserve the benefits.

emoticon All the support in the world isn't going to make up for working hard. A support system is important, but it isn't going to make up for the work that YOU put in. Whether you have supporters or haters, use all of them as a way to fuel your internal fire. Savor the positive people in your life and let your haters be your motivators. Not only will you achieve more, you'll get to prove your haters wrong, and come on, we all know that's kinda awesome. emoticon

emoticon Like many of our parents tell us as little munchkins, you can do ANYTHING you want. If you want something bad enough, you can get it with determination. I hate my job and I want to be a nurse. So, I'm going to go to school part time while staying at my crappy job so I can have my dream job once I'm done. It's probably going to suck, but I really want it, so I'm going to bust my tail to get there.

emoticon Being judgemental towards others will get you nowhere. Having your own thoughts and opinions is great, but sometimes expressing them without thought for how it could affect another person is not. Especially here on Spark, we're here to support each other not break each other down or judge each other. You might not agree with everyone, but that's life. You choose your words when you speak to someone face to face, choose your words wisely here as well. Otherwise, you're just a bully and bullies suck. "It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. " ~ Eleanor Roosevelt (She was one smart cookie!)

emoticon Not everyone is going to like you. You don't like everyone you meet, so you shouldn't expect that everyone who meets you will like you either. And that's OK. The differences of people is what makes the world go round. You can't get upset everytime a person doesn't want to be your bff.

emoticon NEVER GIVE UP! Life is about 2nd chances. And 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 100th chances. If you fall, get back up and dust yourself off. The world isn't going to end if you don't succeed in everything you try the first time. We're given all these years to live to do new things, do things over and over, and live life until it's over.

Everyone has the power to dictate their own lives. Get off your butt and move. Put down the soda and chips and grab a piece of fruit. Take your dog for a walk. Play outside with your kids. Take in the beautiful colors of nature. Explore your neighborhood. Do jumping jacks during commercials. Drink a glass of water. Do SOMETHING! And you CAN! It only takes a small step to start off on the right foot! Don't be afraid. Once you get over your fears, you can do anything!

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