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Control What You Can

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Every day is a gift...a glorious, wonderful blessing! It is ours to do with it what we want.

Sometimes, however, things happen during our day that we didn't plan on. Some happy surprises- like a card in the mail from a friend...and some things that can make a great day turn sad- like the loss of a friend.

We don't control everything.....
We don't control a lot of things....
But there are things we can take control over that will make a difference in our day.

I am trying a new approach to my day (yesterday was day 1- so I am new at this mindset!) I needed a steady foundation to start my day, and I need solid ground to get back to when things start moving quickly. I am trying to take control over the things I can. I think I will have a better shot of taking each day as it comes and not getting overwhelmed if I set my mindset to taking firm control over the few things that are not affected by others, or by circumstances.......
1. my attitude
2. the words that come from my mouth
3. the people I interact with (phonecalls, emails, etc)
4. the food I eat

It's a short but powerful list. I did Ok on a few yesterday. It must have been a full moon because even the 2nd graders I teach at church gave me an incredibly hard time....but I got through it with sanity intact and I didn't cope with it by eating a bunch of junk. I surely didn't have a chance to control them (HA!) but I kept myself steady. It felt good!

I am working on controlling what I can- so I can better deal with the things I can't. I think it might be the start of a good thing...and that makes me happy!
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