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Picking it up again...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I haven't been doing too great the past couple of weeks. I didn't just say "screw it" and eat what I wanted for every meal, but I didn't stick closely to my plan, exercise, or track my food. I went to the nutritionist last week and I hadn't lost any weight in the two weeks since I was there last.

While I was eating poorly though, my emotions were a little bit different than they usually are when I go off a diet. I wasn't willing to just throw in the towel it appears because not only did I find myself feeling guilty about eating "bad" things, I found myself also not even WANTING to eat poorly, but rather did so because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store or cook. Usually, when I blow a diet, I blow it big. Often it's because I get tired of eating "healthy" and I WANT to eat the high fat comfort foods I'm used to. That didn't happen this time, which I think is a good thing, or at least telling about my approach to this lifestyle change.

So, if I didn't want to eat poorly, why did I? Well, there's a combination of things going on. First, I got bored with my routine. I eat the same things every day. The problem was instead of finding some healthy alternative to these meals, I just went ahead and turned to the old high calorie high carb standbys.

Second, I've felt pretty down on myself and pretty depressed lately. I suffer from depression, and it's really hard sometimes when battling it to take positive steps because you just feel like taking the path of least resistance.

Third, I've been sick and apparently still turn to food for comfort (e.g. "I'm sick, its okay to have a couple of muffins for breakfast instead of a protein shake". )

Fourth, my parents came to town. They eat out A LOT because my mom cooked for over 20 years every night almost and, well, dad doesn't cook.

Let's face it though, all these are just excuses. I could have looked up some healthy recipes on spark people for variety. The depression issue, yes, is difficult, but I could have figured something out. Being sick is no excuse for not doing what I need to do, and I could have cooked healthy meals for my parents and myself. None of these is reasons as to why I couldn't have tracked my food. And none of these, save being sick, is a reason not to exercise.

The good news: during this time, I did try to make some good choices. Like I said, I didn't completely throw in the towel. My lunches were usually healthy. I tried making some healthy choices when I went out to eat.

The better news: I'm getting back on track now. I went to the gym yesterday and did 30 mins on the elliptical and 30 mins on the bike. I went today and did a really great spin class (probably lost a pound in sweat alone!). I tracked my food today and yesterday. I tried to make good food choices.

A note on food choices. I went to Cracker Barrel today for lunch. I didn't really want to go, but a friend sort of pressured me into it. I could have said no, but I thought I can get some grilled chicken or something. So I did. And then I came home and looked it up. 400 calories and 18 grams of fat for four grilled chicken tenderloins! WTF man?! What are they putting in their grilled chicken? I looked over the different options and almost everything has at least this much fat and calories. That's ridiculous! No more Cracker Barrel for me, don't care how much my friend begs.

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    Being lazy - that's probably my biggest downfall, too, when it comes to eating healthy.
    Could you imagine what the calories & fat would have been if you went with the fried chicke? Scary!
    3270 days ago
    Good for you for (1) recognizing that things were getting off track and (2) taking positive steps to fix it. Life happens. The crucial thing is to pick yourself up and keep going.

    Eating out IS tough. One thing I try to do is to look up the menu beforehand (if it's available online), and try to figure out what if anything will fit in my plan. Helps to avoid surprises like your Cracker Barrel meal! Not always possible, though, so in that case you just make the best choices you can and move on. And really, you could have chosen a lot worse than that for sure -- and even though it was not quite what you expexted in terms of calories and fat, it WAS just one meal. And now you are armed with the information you need to just say no in the future!
    3271 days ago
    You did great with the exercise and with all that exercise the grilled chicken tenders and a salad sounds likes a good choice. I recently ate at Cracker Barrell and that is what I had. I brought two of the tenders home and had them next day on a small salad. You are right for there are ways we can eat healthier and feel oh so much better.

    emoticon emoticon
    3271 days ago
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    I hear ya with the food. I eat the same things every day and yes it does get boring. I try to spice things up by rotating different things at breakfast, some times a smoothie or yogurt and fruit. Lunch is always the same salad with tuna. Dinner is usually chicken and veggies or a turkey burger.
    Eat what you like...try not to beat yourself up:) Focus on the positive: you did an hour of cardio! That's great!
    I also struggle with eating out and yes more than likely I will order a salad with either salmon or chicken just because it's what I like to eat. Perhaps you could offer another place for you and your friend to dine. There are many places that have online menus you could check out before you go.
    One day at a time! You can do it!
    3271 days ago
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