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I did it!! Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yes ladies and gents....I completed my first ever half marathon! I am so proud of myself and my sister in law! I can't believe I did it!

So here's how the day went!

Woke up at 5:00 AM with major stomach ache...was struggling with that til about 6:30 when I finally took some Immodium and it went away..

Weather was overcast, COLD, and windy with rain in the forcast. We got to the race at 7:30....had 30 minutes to hang out and wait for the race to start.

It was so super cold! I think the weather was 40 with wind chill of 32. I would take 20 degrees with no wind over 32 with wind any day! I was dressed warm enough for running in the weather, but not necessarily for standing around in it. LOL.

Got to our spot on start line...found our pacer for an 11:30 min mile....best choice I EVER made! Gun shot off and we got started! Running slow and steady!

Mile three...feeling great! No worries...kinda had to pee, but that went away. Chatting away with sis and feeling great! Finally warm from standing at start line.

Mile 4...sis' shoe comes untied, but we are in such a rhythm...she's afraid to stop and since the timing chip was keeping shoe lace in place, we kept going. She finished the race without tying it!

Mile 6...FULL of energy...have taken a few GU gummy chomps to keep it up! Cannot believe we haven't stopped one time in our run. Furthest either of us have gone without stopping to walk at all. Start thinking that we may be able to make it to 9 miles without a stop (not even at water stations)

Mile 9...WHAT?!?! we haven't stopped yet?! What's going on in our bodies? We were still chatting and having a good time with the race. We finally made it to the last 4 miles of the race...but it's on Riverside...the coldest street in Tulsa bc of the wind off the river. We made a decision at that point that since we hadn't stopped our run one time except to slow a bit (NOT a walk tho!) to drink our water/gatorade, we were going to finish this race running. From that point on, we were going to RUN.

Mile 11...holy cow, the wind was strong..it was so cold. Hands were going numb again...quads starting to cramp a bit...but we only had 2 more miles! Sis was really struggling with pain in her ankles...but she kept on chugging along. We dropped behind our pacer a little bit, but we DIDN'T stop! I was still full of enough energy to cheer her and myself on! I couldn't believe how good I really was feeling after so long!

It took FOREVER for mile 12 to show up! We made it tho...still hadn't stopped moving at our 11:30ish pace. 1 mile to go...this is where the split of half and full marathoners happened...they were cheering us on to finish strong! I got a 15th wind! Sis and I picked up the pace a bit...had a hill to climb just before finish line...heard the music...heard the people cheering, ringing the bells, man on microphone was cheering for us...then we reached the top of the hill...and I saw my husband ringing a bell cheering for me...something happened! I started sprinting! I sprinted all the way through the finish line! I just HAD to show them who I was and what I had accomplished!

DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was done...I finished my very first half marathon in a sprint. Nothing to be more proud of! I trained so hard, I worked so hard...and I remained dedicated to it. Nothing stopped me...not even horrible shin splints. I was barely able to breathe and started getting all emotional...but realized very quickly that emotions and being out of breath don't fit well together! LOL.

Who knew...this 25 year-old former gymnast and cheerleader was capable of running a half marathon? Who knew that I could retrain my body to run 13.1 miles instead of sprinting for .25? Now, I know.

So what's next?! A FULL MARATHON! Sis and I told each other at about mile 6, if we finish this race without stopping, we have no excuse not to do the full marathon. And really....what's stopping us?

So, I will take today and right a bike at the gym and sit in the sauna a bit... run a light stretch run tomorrow and then rest my shins for a few days...hope the splints will go away, and then it's back to training. I have a marathon to run in May! I'm thinking 11 min miles next time instead of 11:30!
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