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Naturally Thin thinking...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Well, I just finished reading the book "Naturally Thin" by Bethenny Frankel. It was an ok book, but the way of thinking is really great!

There are 10 rules...
1. Your diet is a bank account.
~Balance what you eat...you eat high fat stuff for bfast, don't eat any more that day.
~Don't eat the same food twice in a row. You shouldn't buy things two times over, so don't eat them two times over in one day.
2. You can have it all, just not all at once.
~You can one of the unhealthy stuff, but fill up on the healthy stuff.
3. Taste everything, eat nothing.
~If you just can't avoid some unhealthy stuff, take a sample of everything you HAVE to have, but no more than a taste.
4. Pay attention
~Focus on eating when eating. Stop eating when you are at a point that the current bite wasn't as good as the first bite.
5. Downsize NOW
~Make your personal helping smaller. Eat on a salad plate, not a large dinner plate. Serve with a smaller spoon, use a smaller bowl.
6. Cancel membership to the clean plate club!
~Share stuff, take it home, sample things, but no matter what, leave SOMETHING on your plate!
7. Check yourself, don't wreck yourself.
~NO BINGING! Find out why you are feeling a binge, what it feels like before you binge, and STOP.
~No guilt trip....can't wreck yourself over one binge.
8. Know Thyself
~Know what you can't refrain from, what leads to binges, how foods make you feel. Stay away from bad, go to the good!
9. Eat Real food
~Go as close to the real deal as possible. Stay away from processed food as much as possible.
10. Good for you.
~Treat yourself with only stuff that is good for you. Do things only if they are good for you!

So this is MY interpretation of each of her rules...maybe not the best or exactly what she said, but this is what I took from it and was able to relate to my life. So, this next month, I'm going to focus on thinking naturally thin. Avoiding all the food noise and listening to my food voice..."am I really hungry?"

I have started training for the Oklahoma City (half or full) Marathon. I'm not sure which I will do and I am going to start training like I'm running a full, but it really all depends on the weather...last winter, it was icy and FREEZING a lot and outside running in that is not an option...I kinda have a rule: No running in 15 degrees or colder. That is already 17 below freezing....so I am just going to have to play it by ear. This morning was my first subfreezing run and it was 25 degrees...not sure how colder than that will be for me!

Anyway, my goal is to be 10 lbs less by that run (April something). I hope for more, but I am not going to be picky. I kinda like the way I look to be honest...now swimsuit looks, not so much, but with clothes on, I like my figure. I have a butt that a lot of my friends are envious of...I have muscular arms that I don't have to work for...so, I am not upset with my looks, I just know that 10 less lbs to run with would be nice and 10 less lbs would be nice when I'm wearing a swim suit this coming summer!

Anyway, I'm off to finish my work day. Gotta attend basketball games with my cheerleaders! Night everyone!
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    Yay sexy butt and arms! ;) Running outside when it's so cold... brr! Your running group is some hardcore people, you included!
    3379 days ago
    WooHoo....love the rules....
    They make so much sense to me....am going to copy and paste them so i can read them over and over....
    Thats awesome....you can so do any distance you put your mind to....
    3380 days ago
  • KTMAE2006
    New Rules of Lifting is for you my friend! Check it out!

    3380 days ago
    I've actually read this book and agreed it wasn't the best book I've ever read but her tips have really helped me think about my eating habits. I would say I benefited the most from "Pay Attention" and to stop eating if the food no longer tastes good. The flavor isn't coming back, if the food no longer tastes as good as it did when I first started eating it I'm okay with that now!
    3380 days ago
    Great plan!!!!
    I think that I am some kind of an anomaly!!!! I love to run in the winter!!!! One of my favorite training runs last year was -12!!!! It was so fun!!!! Everyone had icicles on their faces and the guys with facial hair looked crazy!!!!:-) Maybe I should move to Alaska!!!!!;-)
    3380 days ago
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