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DVD review: Jodi Stolove's Chair Dancing Around the World

Sunday, December 04, 2011

This is a fun workout you can do comfortably seated in a chair. It's an aerobic workout that really gets your heart rate up.
There are 3 different exercise levels; you can stay at one level through the whole workout or switch back and forth according to your ability.
The "dances" featured include country and western, a samba, a polka, a tango and a calypso.

Despite the cheesy spandex workout wear that the instructor and the others in the class are wearing, and the sometimes equally cheesy music, this is fun workout, and pretty easy to follow. The entire workout is about 40 minutes, but you can also pick and choose just to do a few sections at a time. If you are a beginner to workouts, I recommend starting out at the first level and just trying out a few of the dances. Despite the fact that you are sitting the entire time, it is still fast paced and you are moving your whole body.

I bought this DVD because I was looking for fun workout in a chair that I wouldn't get bored with quickly, and this fits the bill. I haven't been able to do the entire 40 minutes yet, but I am working up to it. The reason why I am interested in chair workouts is because I have problems with pain in both hips because of bone and nerve damage from stage IV breast cancer. I also get light headed easily when on my feet because of medications I am on and fatigue from the chemo I have been on since April 2010.

The instructor is very good, pleasant personality, without being a drill sergeant or talking down to her audience. She takes the time to make sure you check your pulse correctly and do the other moves the right way.

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