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No weight loss = Major breakdown!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I am sorry I have been MIA for the past month or so. I have just been so down on myself. The week of Thanksgiving I had a huge breakdown because I have been busting my a$$ since the beginning of August and my weight just did not want to come off regardless what I did.Ever"ryone keeps saying "oh you had a baby, so it takes longer". I understand that, but I am almost 7 months post partum, I should have lost SOMETHING. But nope, the first week I lost 6lbs and then within 3 1/2 months I only lost 2 more pounds.
I think what really frustrates me is that when I first started my journey about 2 1/2 years ago at 320lbs I was losing weight EVERY week, anywhere between 3-7lbs a week until I hit 230. Then I had some personal things come up, I gained 25lbs, then when I went to get back into it I got pregnant and did not make the best choices. So after I had the baby I was at 272! I thought that since I hadn't exercised in awhile that the weight would start melting away again! Heck I would have been happy with even 1lb lost a week, it is definitely better than nothing. My husband bought my a body media fit (like a body bugg) for my birthday, and I used that for a month and I still had NO progress. After all that, like I said, I had a breakdown. I tried so hard to stay strong, but there was only so much I could take of being let down week after week. Yes, eating right and exercising is good for me whether I lose weight or not, but the purpose of it for me was to lose weight.
First I thought I wasn't eating enough calories, I was originally eating 1500 calories, then I jumped it up to 2000 calories and then I would calorie cycle. My deficit would be at LEAST 1000 every day.
SOO I decided to just give it a rest for awhile, I stopped exercising and well my eating has not been what I would like it to be. I ate like crap for about 3 weeks now, but now I am starting to keep my portions under control. Exercising just is not going to happen until after Christmas. I wanted to get through the Holidays first, and then I am going to start back at it and just keep pushing regardless.
I have been doing hours of research and found that doing a detox may be a big help with cleaning out all the extra crap that could be hanging around in my body after the baby. So I will be doing a 14 day detox after the New year and then just hope for the best after that!
Thanks for reading, I really needed to vent and just get all of this OUT!!
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    I had the same problem, 1. Found out that my Birthcontrol was prohibiting me from losing weight, I was on the Merina IUD and 2. My Vitamin D was only 19 when it should be over 50 and this was contributing to my water retention and weightgain. I was exercising everyday for an hour a day and eating 1500 calories a day or less and couldn't manage to get below 200 pounds. Although I am pregnant with my 5th by choice, I have gained half the weight (I gained over 100 pounds with every pregnancy) that I contribute to the Vitamin D in my diet. I also take a multivitamin but I am not gaining like before...Just some food for thought.
    3346 days ago
    Congrats on your baby! Don't worry about it...we all have our plateaus that last months & years!! Just keep at it...make adjustments as necessary~
    3367 days ago
    the 'cabbage soup diet' is an HORRIFIC weight loss program, but actually works really well if you treat it like a detox. you will still gain nutrients but once again NOT good for your body to treat like a diet. back when i'd wanna drop 10 lbs for an even or a dress for a particular event and wasn't overweight my dumb behind would use the cabbage soup diet for an actual diet and that was just irresponsible.

    don't feel bad doll, i'm 14 adn a half YEARS post partum from my last child and just getting around to really taking care of myself ;)

    keep your chin up...and CONGRATS MOMMA!!!
    3372 days ago
    You say your deficit was at least 1000 daily.

    Here at SP we are told it should never be above 1000 daily. Might be part of your problem.

    Whenever I got stuck I hit the "freggies" again and it helped me.

    Keep trying, you're worth the effort.
    3373 days ago
    Wish I had some advice for you girl. Have you tried incorporating more veggies, fruits, whole grains, eggs, etc? My WW leader suggested I focus mostly on those things and less on tracking last week since I have been struggling also. She also suggested I make sure I'm not eating the same things every day bc our bodies get used to it, and sometimes just need change. For example, if you find yourself eating oatmeal every morning(or whatever!) maybe mix it up with cereal + milk + fruit or an omlete or something. Sorry if you've tried this too-- just trying to rack my brain here! :(

    Hang in there... I think after the next couple weeks, it'll be easier to get in a healthy eating/exercise mindset for all of us.

    Hugs! Let me know if you need anythnig- even just to vent.
    3373 days ago
  • JPRO630
    Wow, this must be super frustrating for you! Part of me wants to tell you that like everyone else, yes, you've recently had a baby and it's OK for right now if you aren't losing a ton or even any weight. But then the other part of me knows your frustration and I can relate to just wanting to see one little tiny result. I don't know if you have one, but getting a digital scale has helped me because it counts in my ounces. that way I can know whatever loss I have, even if it's just a few ounces. One of the members in Done! told me that a loss is a loss, and to be happy with those baby steps.

    Either way, good luck to you and know that someone is listening!
    3373 days ago
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