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#520: Is Your Mountain Too High?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Profound insights often come our way in the strangest of circumstances.

Like last night at a bowling center. emoticon

I didn't want to sit home so I headed out to watch friends bowl their league. On the table where I sat was a fortune, undoubtedly from a fortune cookie, that read, "Never judge the height of a mountain until you have reached the top."

When I reread it, its wisdom hit me and I wondered: How many times are we faced with a problem and immediately see it as an insurmountable obstacle when in realty we don't know in the beginning how easy or daunting overcoming the problem will be emoticon emoticon

Our weight loss journeys are good examples. Looking to lose as little as five pounds or as much as 200 or more each presents its unique challenges and forces us to face the basic facts that we need to eat less and exercise more to reach our goal weight.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

But we make excuses. We prejudge the height of the mountain (the difficulty in reaching our goals) as being too high (too tough to climb). We complain about not having time to exercise or that we can't cook or a myriad of other rationales for why we can not scale our mountain and reach the peak of success. emoticon

Why do we do this? Why do we immediately make excuses instead of merely beginning to climb our mountains one step at a time?

For example, how tough is it to lose one measly pound, no matter how long it takes?

Not tough at all if we are determined, focused and step forth in faith that we WILL be successful. emoticon Fewer calories here and there, some exercises, and voila, that pound has been kicked to the side of the road and we have climbed one more step toward the peak of our mountain.

But what typically happens is that we do not think in terms of being successful losing one little old pound five or 50 or 200 times. Instead, we prejudge how difficult reaching losing those pounds will be. We make ourselves the greatest barrier to our success. emoticon

That need not be the case though.

Sure, losing a few pounds for some people or huge amounts for others will, each in their own way, seem impossible to do if we view our goal as being "too high." In reality we don't know it will be impossible. We simply need to begin and then we will discover that through one healthy meal emoticon, one exercise emoticon, one pound at a time, the climb to the mountaintop is not such an ordeal after all. emoticon

Remember: Impossible broken down equals "I M POSSIBLE."

So whether you are just beginning your journey to better health or have hit a barrier that seems unable to be overcome, keep telling yourself:

"I am possible. I will and can be successful. My goal is nothing more than a series of small bumps in the road, bumps I can easily overcome with determination and by taking steps every day toward my goal."

No mountain is viewed as too high by those who have reached the top. It is only seen as too high by those who do not climb it.

One positive day, one pound at a time, climb your mountain and when you have reached the top enjoy the view and the exhilaration of success!

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