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An Embarrassing Confession

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I've been here for 10 months and there is something I've been too embarrassed to really mention so far. Something I have sworn I'm going to change this year.

I don't eat vegetables.

At all, really.

I don't know if I was raised weird or that I was just a stubborn brat growing up or what the real issue is, but I pretty much have no relationship with vegetables at all. And to just put things in perspective, I probably had about 8 servings of vegetables for the entire YEAR of 2011.

No kidding.

I realize it is MANDATORY that I change this. It is impossible for me to get anywhere near my goal weight without altering my diet to fully embrace vegetables. And since I'm starting from scratch, I'm asking for your help.

Pretend I'm a snobby child- what veggies would you get me to try that would be easy to adopt? What tricks are there for getting used to them?

The only things I am trying right now are raw- pretty much just romaine lettuce and baby spinach so far. I know I don't like Arugula since it is pretty bitter. I tried some snap peas the other day and after two, I couldn't keep the grimace off my face because they seemed a bit bitter, too.

Do you have recommendations? I want to stick to raw for now since the crispy texture is something I can work with and want the maximum nutritional benefit I can get.

If any of you have resources or anything to help, I'd be very appreciative!!
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  • DOODIE59
    I know you said you like your veggies raw, but If I could back what someone else said about roasting veggies. I make a huge batch and try to include as many veggies as possible but would probably almost always include coloured peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, grape tomatoes, slice carrots. They are delicious hot, but I also love them cold -- massive flavour. They are also great stuffed into a tortilla that has been spread with hummus -- again, tons of flavour. The other thing I do is add whole bags of frozen Asian vegetables to my chicken curries ... my pickiest kid doesn't complain.

    Anyway, good luck. Veggies are such an awesome source of nutrients and fibre -- they're too important to avoid. However, in the meantime, making sure you eat enough fruit provides the same health benefit (but with more sugar).
    3232 days ago
    I suggest buying a sweet potato and baking it in tinfoil with pepper until it is super super soft. Then peel off skin and try that.

    3232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8977674
    Oh you sounds just like my husband, when we met he HATED veggies and for a long time I let him get away with it, but about 6 months ago I said NO MORE! emoticon I know you said you wanted to start raw and that is admirable but I highly recommend you try cooking them, it really makes them allot easier to get used. Here is what I did with my husband and it has really worked , I found new ways to cook veggies for example Kale, I add a little olive oil, some sea salt and bake them until crispy and brown...amazing! Broccoli similar story, a little olive oil, some garlic, red pepper flakes, bake...changes the flavor and texture enough that he really loves them. The other suggestion I have is steaming veggies, not boiling, ziploc makes these great "steamer" bags that you can put any veggie in, it cooks them makes them stay crispy and keeps all those great vitamins in. Once you have them steamed explore some spices that will take them to the next level, Mrs. Dash has a great no salt line, garlic powder, nutmeg, even a little cinammon can add a surprising fun flavor to carrots, squash and zuchinni. Good luck I am sure you can do it!
    3232 days ago
  • GOIN4GR8
    Baby carrots, the tiny ones, are SO sweet, you'll probably like them. And deep red peppers are my favorite. (In fact both of these are so sweet that some diets, like low carb ones, recommend that you don't even eat them cuz of their sugar content.) But to heck with that--they're veggies, and they're delicious! Give those a try.
    3232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10474661
    I love the red/yellow pepper idea. If you make sure to get all the seeds out, they are pretty sweet. I would stay away from green peppers cause they can be kind of bland...

    I forget of you are a tomato person or not.. If you don't know I think you should definitely try the grape tomato idea too (but make sure you get plump sweet ones)... only problem is some people have a complaint about the texture...

    Cucumbers may be a good try too. I don't think there is anything offensive about Cucumbers :-)

    Personally I hate eating carrots... I can only have a couple and then they make my stomach feel weird (kind of bloated). However you can try to put lots of veggies in a salad with your preferred salad dressing.. you can slice up some cucumbers, get some shredded carrots and throw some shredded carrots in there and it can be quite tasty.

    Also i know you said you are trying raw, but when you're ready you can try to use frozen peas or corn... you can make a pretty healthy meal with some sort of protein (chicken, fish), a side of rice and a side of cooked veggies... Of course I put the spray butter on them, but its calorie free so (I can't believe its not butter spray is good ). You can also try spicing your cooked veggies up... I'll sometimes put salt and pepper on my cooked corn or peas... but other times I put this Cajun spice that makes it freaking awesome (if you like that kind of stuff)
    3249 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/4/2012 11:10:19 PM
  • no profile photo CD10464769
    I had a picky child that loved soup. I would make the soup with lots of veggies. Then take some of the soup, with veggies and blend in the blender. He loved the broth and would slurp up all his veggies.

    Not sure if you would like it but I roast my veggies. (Search on SP for roasted veggies)

    Basically you chop veggies and put a little olive oil on them and bake. The baking shrinks them and makes them sweet and tasty.

    It is great that you realize something you need to change and you are working on it!!
    3251 days ago
  • YDAVIS23
    I eat lots of raw carrots (I hate them cooked). It's also easy to disguise zucchini or summer squash if you grate it up and put it in sauce. I feel for you - I am still picky, but I used to be in your boat. Good luck!
    3251 days ago
    Like CCINDICANE2 says, start with spaghetti sauces with veggies in them. Prego makes a smart sauce that is full of veggies.

    As far as raw veggies go, try red, orange or yellow peppers. Green peppers are too bitter. Grape tomatoes would be good to try. Since they are small, their taste is sweet and you don't notice the tiny seeds. If you like spicy, try radishes. They have kind of a peppery taste. I think cucumbers are good but you have to either seed them or buy the English cucumbers to start with. The regular ones won't win you over.

    Something else to consider is fresh/frozen green beans. There are loads of recipes for cooking them until they are crisp tender. That way you still have the crunch. You can saute them with olive oil and garlic for just a few minutes. Or you can saute them with a mixture of peanut butter, soy sauce and garlic. This makes them taste like the green beans they serve at many Chinese restaurants.

    Good luck!!
    3251 days ago
    Wow! Well yes, this is definitely something you're going to need to really just taste and see if you like different things.

    Try mixing them up and adding them to foods you already eat. Like, if you eat rice, add some peas and carrots to the rice while it cooks. You can even add corn. If you like pastas try adding really finely chopped broccoli to your chicken alfredo or thinly slivered zuccinni to your pasta. Do you eat fruit? Throw in a handful of spinach to your fruit smoothy. I swear you cant taste it. It's just a mind over matter thing because you see the smoothy green so you automatically think it's disgusting, but it's not. it's delicious. Or use your favorite condiment with some steamed veggies. Add some A-1 steak sauce to a steamed veggie basket, some melted cheese to your broccoli, or some ranch with carrots. I know they arent exactly the most low cal things you could use, but if they help you try different veggies so that you know what you like then give them a try.

    Oh and I just have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE arugula with walnuts, chicken, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Delicious!

    Hope you find veggies you enjoy =)
    3251 days ago
    I'm really bad with veggies too!
    I like: Lettuce (any kind), tomatoes, cauliflower (only raw), carrots (just started liking them cooked), cooked beans (learned to like in the last year), corn, garden peas...I'm still working on the sugar snap kind. I also find them quite bitter.

    My list is pretty fail. I also like the yellow core part of celery...but man let me tell you it was a challenge. I worked in the produce dept for 3 years in high school and every time I cut up celery I forced myself to eat the core. I went from gagging to loving it! Although I still don't really like the green outsides.

    My X list: Veggies I can't seem to eat despite trying. Peppers, cucumber, broccoli. Heck I'm sure there are more but those are the big ones.

    Tips: Dip...really helps make them tastier until you can pallet them. If you're going from none to some+dip I'd say that's good..I'm sure other people have different opinions though.

    The book deceptively delicious is also helpful. Shows you how to hide veggies in foods. Some you can taste some you can't

    Don't feel alone. There are other vegetably-challenged people out there! I'm supposed to eat 4 cups of veggies per DAY.../gag
    3251 days ago
    Like you, I don't have much of a relationship with veggies either. I am trying to make changes as well, but just can't seem to eat veggies unless they are raw. I like dipping baby carrots, broccoli and cauliflower in ranch dressing. I have no problems eating them that way. It is OK to eat raw veggies with some dip just try to find some lower calorie versions you like. I have found a Yogurt Ranch made by Litehouse that is half the calories but tastes just as good as hidden valley ranch. I cannot stand Lite ranch by hidden valley or any other brand because it doesn't taste as good. But the yogurt ranch does taste as good as the real stuff.

    Also, something I am going to try is pureeing veggies into my regular food to hide the veggies. Do a Google search for Sneaky Chef or just search puree veggies for kids or something like that. You can puree almost any veggie and hide them in sauces, muffins, pizzas, mashed potatoes, casseroles, etc. That would also help lower calories of the beforementioned meals as well.
    3251 days ago
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