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Raise Your Hand if You are a Healthy Eater

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, just a quick story that happened today at lunch. Several of us in my department happened to take our lunch at the same time today. We sat down and small talk ended up discussing what each other was eating. Someone remarked, "Chad has to be the healthiest eater in our department." That's right, me. Someone thought that I was the healthiest eater. It was quickly dismissed when we remembered the guy who runs a couple marathons every year at times that qualify for the Boston marathon. But I don't care. Can I tell you what a high I was on for the rest of the afternoon! Me. Someone grouped me in the healthy eaters category. That never would have happened 6 months ago. emoticon I just hope that I maintained some semblance of humility and the huge grin I felt only showed up on the inside.

All that said, I am my harshest critic and can think of several things that I still need to change, like my addiction to JalapeƱo kettle chips or the fact that I drink 20+ oz of Diet Dr. Pepper every day - just to name a couple. But I look back over the last few months and the milestones that I've hit and I can't help but be happy. I have more energy than before. I love working out at the gym. I would have no qualms about eating an entire meal of freggies. I still have quite a ways to go, and at the same time I've come so far.

Oh and did I mention that someone called me a healthy eater? emoticon emoticon emoticon
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