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Crazy day!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I bought the Sparkpeople 28 day Boot Camp the day before yesterday at Target. Was so proud of myself--it was on sale for 10.00 and I also used my $3.00 coupon so I got it for $7.00--what a deal!!! Yesterday was my c25k day so I waited until today to try it. I like it! I was going to do the whole thing but ended doing 55 minutes of it. I was down in my basement working hard and I looked around and my husband was standing there with Molly. I asked him if he was getting ready to go for his walk and he said no the sirens are going off. Cold front went through with some bad weather. They think two tornados touched down in Louisville which is 30 miles from here. Needless to say I lost my exercise momentum.

After the weather settled down and I took my shower I decided it was time to groom Molly and give her a schnauzer haircut. She's not the greatest behaving during this but each time is easier. Halfway through our electricity went out--apparently a pole fell on the lines cause the ground is so saturated. It was out an hour and a half. So I finally finished with Molly--she looks so pretty and like a schnauzer again. She was really getting shaggy. Now I need to go finish my laundry. It got delayed too because of the power outage.

The weather has been crazy--hope everyone stays safe. It was 60 this morning when I walked Molly and they said we might get some snow showers tonight--CRAZY!

Have a good day!

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