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Staying the Course, of course!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am down four pounds for January, so I should hit my 5-pound goal for the month with ease. Yay!

I've been listening to the Fat Loser videos (www.fatloser.com) and it's been helping with the mental aspect. Yup, that's some tough love, for sure! But really, this isn't rocket science. Eat less, move more, repeat until goal is met. Any other garbage I add into the mix is EMOTIONAL, and that's the whole point of the videos -- to control one's emotions so they don't get in the way of our goals.

I'm doing better eating toward 1500 calories but it's a challenge every day. It doesn't fit in with my lifetime vision of a diet. Every day I try to eat a bigger breakfast and lunch so I don't have 1,000 calories left over for dinner but it's a work in progress.

We are continuing to train for our half marathon and do two strength-training classes a week. I will pick up additional classes as my weight drops and my fitness level increases. Right now the thought of doing a step class or Pilates is just out of the question.

So not much else to report here; I'm hanging tough and just putting one step in front of the other!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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