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GREAT Checkup for my Daughter!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Savannah grew about 1.5 inches since October, and lost 6 pounds. The doctor came in and playfully said, "Savannah, it seems YOOOOOooou've been shrinking! How did this happen!?"

Savannah giggled and told me, "YOU tell him, Mommy!"

And I told him that I:
- Got rid of all cereals
- Savannah generally gets a breakfast of a protein like scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli, and fresh fruit, like strawberries this morning.
- In fact, all meals feature these elements.

I bragged about how Savannah actually did the broccoli steaming, and plated our food while I worked on the eggs.

He said, "Keep it up!"

Savannah was only ever climbing, climbing higher to the highest percentiles. Now, she's growing into her weight, losing fat, getting more and more rambunctious and playful. This healthy weight loss since October 20 is despite:
- Halloween (YES, I took her trick or treating)
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas candies and cookies and celebrations all through her life
- Winter cutting into her outdoor play...

I'm so happy today. Savannah loves the food, her involvement and increasing knowledge, and I think she's going to love life where you get to eat tasty things and feel satisfied and be healthy.
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