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BodyRock Log, Jump Rope Feb 4th, 2012

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another long weekends coz another off day on Monday, in lieu of public holiday, Prophet Mohammad's birthdya, on Sunday, yay! Usually, we will have parades of different teams, either from schools, organizations, etc etc. It's usually involves walking, carrying erm, banners? (not sure what call in english, haha) When I was a kid, usually did from the town hall to the town mosque. Nowadays, I think it's in the stadium - haven't seen live for long time, it's usually so crowded and hard to find parking spot that dad usually don't allow us, mom and me, to go unless we hitch a ride with him but he always go very, very early (he always involved either as a committee member or organizing the team)!

My workout for Feb 4th, 2012:
1. Warm up 2-min (3 x 30s exercise /10s rest) with jump rope, total 220 jumps

2. My result for BodyRock 30-Day Challenge Week 3 Day 5, The Fast & Furious 800 Rep Workout (Only did Lisa's 800 Rep Challenge, was too light-headed to do Sean's next):

Posted my result in BodyRockers team's forum:

Timer: Stopwatch = Got 12:20
#1 25 Modified Push Ups
#2 (Alternative) 100 High Knee March
#3 (Alternative) Crunches
#4 (Alternative) 100 High Knee March
#5 25 Squats with a pair of 5lbs dumbbells
#6 (Alternative) 100 High Knee March
#7 25 Triceps with chair

3. 2-min (3 x 30s exercise /10s rest) with jump rope, total 230 jumps

4. Cool down 4 minutes and stretches 3 minutes

Total workout = 2:00 + 12:20 + 2:00 + 4:00 + 3:00 = 23 minutes 20s ~ 23 minutes

*** *** *** *** *** ***

February 2012 Jump Rope Goal = 30 minutes weekly
This week, Week 1, I've done previous 2 minutes + latest 4 minutes = total 6 minutes
24 minutes to go!
Posted my result in Jump Rope Challenge team forum:
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