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Ughhh..running out of steam...scary :(

Sunday, February 05, 2012

So far I've lost 30 lbs and I'm about to jog 1.5 miles/walk 1.5 miles. I was doing that 5-6 days a week. The weather turned rainy, wet & ugly. My husband went to visit family in Tenn. for a few days and ever since then I've been a lazy slug..eating unhealthy foods because it's easy and there is no one to look at me in judgement. I haven't been exercising much at all this past week. ...I'm beginning to find it a pain to track foods and exercise...I just want to beable to live without those crutches...but obviously I can't. I don't want to slip back into old habits but I see how very easy it is to do just that.
How do you stay on track...week after week, month after month? I know exercise makes a big difference because if you go to that much effort, you don't want to ruin your efforts with sloppy eating habits but how do you overcome a lifetime of of bad habits? As soon as you drop your guard, they want back into their place in your life.
This is sooo hard.
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    I find that when you get into a routine you actually look forward to working out. I used to have to drag myself off the couch to even do a little yoga, but now after working out regularly at home I actually find myself thinking about it during the workday! I started working out while watching " survivor" at home, just doing toning exercises, squats, and before I knew it, I had created my own little " Shred" workout, similar to Jillians! ( hehe big fan here) Watching TV was once something I would do, get bored and end up scoffing out on bad food, Now Watching TV means WORKOUT time.. The hour goes by and I am ready for more!

    After a few week back into your routine I am confidant that you will feel the same! Stay Positive! :) emoticon
    3302 days ago
    I sometimes give myself a short time away from the tracking but try and eat with awareness while away. I find when I return to tracking that my overall calories have gone up, but I still have control over food choices and amounts in general.

    If I break from the exercise routine, I try and think of being active. Clean up something during the commercial breaks on tv, or something that stops hours of laying around. I however, find getting back into the routine hard.

    I also like to set new goals to change my focus often.

    It is a long journey....
    3302 days ago
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    Just like FlyLady (a website for organizing our homes and lives) says: Baby steps. One habit at a time. I think too many of us try to exercise AND drop the junk food AND drink the water AND get in our servings of fruits and veggies AND, AND, AND...immediately. Just do one thing. Make it a habit. Then add another, and once you've got that down, add another. Maybe do two or three new habits (slowly) at a time, like add one more glass of water AND one extra serving of fruit AND some exercise for a couple of weeks. Just a couple of weeks. Then add a little bit more for a couple of weeks. It takes time, but good habits are just as easy to form as bad habits--we've just had longer to form the bad ones, and, until now, more positive reinforcement for having them. And have fun! Needing the hubby's judgmental looks sounds like you're not having fun.

    3306 days ago
    It is hard - it's taking years of unhealthy habits and turning them into years of healthy habits...
    Here's to you finding something that works for you - that rings true - that makes you feel good and eventually makes those old unhealthy habits hard....

    Namaste my friend
    3306 days ago
    You've come so far..don't give up now!! As far as exercise..I find that just going through the effort of putting my workout clothes is enough to get me in the right frame of mind and once I am moving for 5-10 minutes I am so glad I made the effort and power through.
    I am also struggling with keeping track of my food intake. I am going to try very hard on the next upcoming weekend to track at least 2/3 of my meals--weekends are the toughest for me and there always seems to be a dinner/party/get together which makes it harder to figure out how to eat for the day.
    Try to hang in there and give it another shot...you have made it this far---30 lbs lost wow!! You will get to that finish line and feel so much better for it!
    3307 days ago
    Oh, gosh! If I had the answer to that, I would be rich and famous and people would travel far and wide to place laurels at my feet. I am going through the exact same thing myself. Today as a matter of fact. So JUST FOR TODAY, I am taking a break: changed my eating (but didn't go crazy) and I'm not excercising. I took a nap, going to take a long, hot bath with lavender and read a book. But JUST FOR TODAY, knowing that tomorrow I have to continue with THE PLAN!

    I was going to say that the hard work doesn't seem worth it, but that would be a lie. When I wake up in the morning and feel like I have more energy and when I sleep better at night and I don't feel down all the time like I used to, it totally IS worth it! Don't you feel like all the progress you have made is worth it, too?
    3307 days ago
    For me it is finding the correct hook.

    May 08 DD said, "Popie, Gramie and I have been worried about you and I think Little Bug needs to have you around for a while..."

    I said I would loose a little weight and see if I could get into better shape. The hook was being around for little bug, and the implication that he mimics what Popie does, so being fat and lazy is not what I want him to mimic. Everything else has been fairly easy.

    It was just to find the right hook

    3307 days ago
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon i hear u! it is so easy to stop when motivation seems to evaporate into thin air... methinks that is when we need to add extra tlc, non-food self- pampering, funness into our lives, stress relief in non-food ways, even take a nap! and then back to basics, keep walking until the motivation wells back up from within us again and we find ourselves whistling while we work and back on a roll again!

    also, WarmSpringDay posted a blog the other day with an interesting concept from Leslie Sansone... worth the read :)

    Hang in sweetie, and always remember, you are worth all the steps you take because u truly matter :)
    3307 days ago
    Its ok. I'm right there with you. I hate tracking foods and exercise. I try to stay on point as best I can but I'm just not one of those people that track everything that passes through their lips.

    What I've found works for me, is that instead of tracking exercise over a period of time, I just have a daily goal and as long as it get met then I'm happy. It works better for me because I also realized that I'm a huge procrastinator...lol. So, when I had a weekly log and tried to log 3 exercises a week then I would look at Monday and be like, "well, still have 6 days left" and, so on, until it was Friday. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I found have a daily goal works better for me than tracking a weekly one because I end up short changing myself.

    My mom used to take me to McD after school to get a Happy Meal and then I would go have dinner just a couple hours later. From there I formed a bad habit of not realizing a snack size vs meal size. It was tricky but I think I've mastered it, FINALLY! lol! Keep your chin up with the habits, they didn't take a week to make, so, they aren't going to take a week break! :D

    You are going to do great! emoticon
    3307 days ago
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