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The Inspired becomes the Inspiring!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wow! What 6 months has done to change my life. I joined this wee-little-website called Sparkpeople (maybe you've heard about it?), I joined a TOPS weight-loss group, and I've radically changed my life.

I read through so many sparkpages and blogs. They really inspired me to change my life. When I had tough days, which were plentiful at the beginning, I would look at SP pages for before/after photos and remind myself, "I can do this! If they did it, why not me?"

Repeating this again and again, inspired me to get up off the couch and start getting active! I started with Wii Fit, then added a treadmill, then added Zumba, and recently started an intense water aerobics class. I started not only tracking my food on SP, but READING THE REPORTS! I was shocked at where I was finding a WHOLE LOT of extra fat and sodium and started purging those foods from my regular diet.

Here I am today. I am just shy of 6 months in and I have lost 35.8 lbs. I feel younger than I have in years. I actually look in the mirror, instead of avoiding it.

Last week, I introduced a new incentive for exercise at my TOPS meeting. For every session of exercise, you mark your special # on the back of a puzzle piece. We will eventually complete this 1000 piece puzzle as a group and send it into the international magazine. A triumph personally AND as a group! Well, this week and lady came up to me and said, "it was cold and I didn't want to exercise, but I thought of you and told myself to get my butt out there. You really inspired me." She picked up 6...SIX, pieces of puzzle.

This moment made me soar! I was happy for her that she got moving. I was happy for ME because I became the inspiring. From the inspired to the inspiring. What a wonderful journey I am on! Glad we're on it together.

Keep moving. I care,

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