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Stinkin’ Devil on My Shoulder!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The last few weeks have been kind of blah for me on the weight loss front. First it was a couple of no loss weeks. Then when I stuck to my plan like glue, watching my intake and pushing hard on my workouts, I was convinced that I would see a great loss on the scale. Instead it registered 0.6 down. I was disappointed, but not discouraged. I rationalized that perhaps I had eaten too much salt before the weigh-in so I was retaining water, or maybe my bladder was full, or some other reason to justify why I didn’t drop like I expected.

I redoubled my efforts last week. If I stuck like glue to my plan before, then this week I stuck like, like, well something that sticks more than glue. (I’ve never been strong on similes.) When I stepped on the scale yesterday I was certain that I would see two weeks of effort paying off. I reveled in the thought of recording a 3 or, dare I imagine, a 4 pound loss. Nope, the scale said 1.8 pounds down. I stepped off in a daze. Surely there must be a mistake. Was I accidentally holding a jug of water in my hand? Was the scale flat on the floor? Were my contacts in? I stepped on again and saw the same number.

As I tried to fall asleep last night I had a discussion with the little devil sitting on my shoulder. As I’ve come to find out in life, he doesn’t tempt me with big, shocking, prison-worthy temptations. He sticks little nags and discouragements in my thoughts. I looked back over the last few months of changes. They haven’t been easy, but they have been worth it. I remembered how out of shape I was when I started this journey. Now I can run beside my son as he learns to ride a bike without training wheels. I went camping with the scouts and had no trouble hiking all over the mountainside with them and willingly carrying more than my share of the supplies. I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Then the “bad” thoughts started creeping in. Maybe this was a fine weight to maintain. I’m not trying to be the next NBA player. I am happy where I am. I should be content with my accomplishments and enjoy my new habits.

These thoughts plagued my mind for quite a while until I finally fell asleep. When the alarm went off in the morning, I got up and went to the gym because that is what I do. It isn’t a chore anymore; it is as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth and combing my hair. I am very grateful that it has become a part of my life, because as I was sweating on the elliptical, my rational brain finally started to kick in. After stalling at a plateau for a few weeks I had lost weight again. Plateaus happen to everyone at some point. I had pushed through it and had a fantastic week! I had dropped 1.8 pounds and that was a success! After I finished at the gym I pulled up my tracking spreadsheet where I use charts and equations to track my progress and forecast my trends. I entered yesterday’s weight. Since I started this journey, I am averaging 1.4 pounds lost per week. Last week’s drop was nearly a half pound more than average. I checked the charts, and I am still on track to hit each of my three milestones this year, including being down to 150 by Christmas.

I am once again encouraged to keep moving forward. While I am happy with my progress and content with my accomplishments, I know there is more in me! I’m positive I will have more plateaus in front of me, but it won’t matter if they are 1 week, 2 weeks or 2 months. I know that I can and will power through them. I have the strength and determination in me to meet my goals. I look forward to upcoming challenges with a renewed vigor and stamina! I am a better person but I’m not the best I can be yet.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD12948145
    I totally know how this one feels, unfortunately, I generally follow it with a binge!
    2814 days ago
    I love that you not only have tracking logs but charts and equations! emoticon
    3080 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11899291
    Thanks for writing this blog. It seems to me that there are many of us out there that have been where you were. That little devil sure likes to try to discourage at all times. Great job keeping your head up and not losing hope. Your quite a motivation and I'm positive that you'll be a great co-leader.
    3081 days ago
    Thanks for writing this, I've been feeling a little down too, my devil most know yours because they were singing the same tune.

    Oh, and for your strong than glue word I'd use Gorilla glue or epoxy.
    3101 days ago
  • CGARR442
    I am happy to hear you are encouraged again. You have come so far I'd hate for you to lose hope. If you think about it even if the scale isn't showing what you want to see, what you are doing is good for you and will only help you. Eventually the scale will catch up. Have you tried measuring yourself? Sometimes we are having progress but the scale isn't showing it.
    Keep up the motivation and best of luck to you!!
    3107 days ago
    Awesome blog! I have these same thoughts rather frequently as I lose by going for weeks (or months) without losing then WHAM! I'm down for a month. It can get discouraging until we remember that this isn't just about the scale but about our health and that if we're doing the right things the scale WILL eventually come along for the ride.

    Great accomplishment!!!
    3107 days ago
    Wonderful blog! This sounds so familiar, as if I've had the same devil and same struggles, and fortunately, the same realizations.
    Way to work past the negative and find the positive again. Congrats on that loss - it is awesome, as are you!
    emoticon emoticon
    3107 days ago
  • LPETRO119
    You are making great progress - the scale might not be registering it all the time, but the fact that you are noticing physical changes is huge!

    emoticon emoticon
    3107 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6046191
    Excellent blog:) I can't wait until i'm where you are! thanks for the inspiration!!!
    3107 days ago
    Awesome blog! You totally took some of the words right out of my own head... thanks for sharing. You're doing great!!!
    3107 days ago
  • EMKO0916
    What an inspirational blog entry! I always approach plateaus with this mentality :friday at least I didn't see the scale go UP!

    Thanks for the motivation. And congrats on your success!!!!
    3107 days ago
    You are so right! 1.8 was a great week, even following some weeks of almost no loss! Great job hanging in there and pushing through and not letting yourself get discouraged. (At least not discouraged enough to stop working at it and trusting the process!) An average of 1.4 a week is great! It's frustrating that it takes so long, but it WILL be worth all your effort as you meet each of your goals!
    3107 days ago
    Hang in there. Stay positive. WE can't always get what we want, but sometimes we get what we need!! Fast weight loss doesn't stick. So the 1.8 might last the rest of your life. So I say good for you!!

    3108 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3108 days ago
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