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Normal blood sugar twice in a row!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Both my readings today (pre-breakfast and pre-dinner) were within the normal range.

No doubt the meds are partly--maybe largely--responsible for the relatively rapid shift. Still, I'm sure that the lifestyle changes I've managed to make are helping the meds along. And probably vice versa: the meds help me feel better, so I have the energy to shop for and prepare decent food (instead of ordering in, for instance) and to increase my activity levels.

Walked 1.64 miles this morning, outside in glorious sunshine. Took breaks here and there--for instance, to pop into a local community health centre to find out what kind of diabetes education and support they offer. (I have an appointment with one of their counsellors on Friday afternoon.) Used my cell's stopwatch to track the time I actually spent walking, though: 30 minutes.

Laid in some healthy groceries yesterday, so I'm finding it easier to keep within target range for carbs.

Have now finished reading all four of the books on diabetes that I bought last week. Think I'll treat myself to some fiction for the rest of the evening.

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