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I DID IT!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

emoticonI finished my C25K program today--it was an App I downloaded from iTunes called "Get Running". It is a 9 week program that gradually increases your running time so that by the end you are running for 30 minutes. The last week you run 3runs of 30 minutes. I still have not run a 5 K cause I'm a very slow runner but that's ok cause I've been wearing my HRM and my heart rate while I'm running stays high 150's to low 160's. But I plan to go on and increase my time running so I actually run the whole 5K. Not going to say this easy cause I'm a 58 year overweight woman who hasn't run before. But I've been pleasantly surprised with my progress. My resting heart rate has decreased to about 64-68 BPM and my BP has been 110/56 or so the last few times I've taken it. When I started with Spark almost a year ago my resting heart rate was around 100 and sometimes more. And because I've followed the program I haven't had too many problems with the aches and pains that plague new runners. So I'm happy and optimistic that I will achieve my goal of running a 5K by Easter. Also since I started the program the scale has started moving again--downward. I honestly was thinking something was wrong with my scale because it didn't budge much for 5 months. Very frustrating but I kept on tracking my food and exercising.

Anyway that's what's been going on with me. Busy as usual. Molly is doing well-- needs another hair cut. My youngest is doing well at college and about to finish her second year. My daughter who is in Virginia serving in an Americorps position is finally settling in. It was a big adjustment to move from Chicago to a small town in Virginia. She keeps busy. As all over the country the weather has been unseasonably warm--does not feel like March!!!

Hope all is well with my Sparkfriends.

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