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Sparking Has changed my Life!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been on spark going on 3 yrs and it has been an awesome 3 years! To be honest This last year has been the best!! I've quit dieting and started eating healthier! I've also lost over 90 lbs since last April it would be awesome to hit the 100 mark on or by April 1st when I started my journey!! It is a week away and could happen would love for it to happen but I know even if I don't do it I still have accomplished a lot!! I still have at least 100 more pounds to go before I get close to my goal but Ive learned not to focus on the big picture and focus on a day and a week at a time!! Setting small goals helps me to feel better about myself cause you make small accomplishments and before you know it they turn into big accomplishments!! emoticon and all my sparkfriends they have gotten me through a lot!! This is where I get my motivation!! Blogging helps me keep things in perspective!! I learn so much from all the articles! I also get a lot of my motivation from the white tiger biggest loser team they have become a family to me! Life isn't always easy but I have learned you can turn a negative situation into a positive one if u look at it in a positive way!! U learn something from all ur mistakes and everyday u start the day with a clean slate ! My life is the only life I have control over I can't change other people or the things happening in the world but I can change my ways and make a big difference in someone else"s life just by a smile or kind words!! Being happy dosen't come from being skinny or having money or things. I have to first be happy with myself If I'm not happy with myself now I won't be happy with myself when I lose the weight! I know I will never be skinny but I will be the healthiest I can be!! God is an awesome part of my life and sparking has also helped me with that part too! I've always gone to church but thats not always enough!! I'm learning everyday how to be a better person and a better Christian. I was reading a blog tonight and found some tips that I love and makes a lot of sense here they are!

Take Time OFF
All work and no play doesn't just make Jack a dull boy; it also makes us sad, unhappy and less productive individuals. In order for you to reach any goal, you need to take time to recharge those batteries and relax. That's why employers offer vacation days to their workers! Whether it's a night off from the gym to go see a movie with a friend, or a long, hot bath and the end of an even longer day, be sure to take at least 15 minutes each day to do something just for you. If you're the primary caregiver in your house, this may seem impossible, but it's true that you can't take care of anyone unless you take care of yourself, so block off some me time and have some fun! Also remember that even the most dedicated exercisers and athletes need to rest and recover, so build downtime into your workout plans if you hope to take your fitness to the next level.

Don't Force It
You can't force things to happen. No matter how much you want something or how hard you work to make it happen, sometimes you just have to wait it out. Whether it's your perfect job or those last 10 pounds, life is a process. Instead, try to trust that you're on the right path, and keep at it. Slowly but surely, you'll eventually get there. Don't work harder, work smarter—and figure out how you can get to your goal without risking your sanity or well-being. You know what's not productive? Burnout.

Respect Your Limits
If you're really fatigued, take a day off. If you're sick and have no energy, rest. Pushing through physical pain, emotional pain, and fatigue is never a good idea. Listen closely to what your body is telling you, and treat it like you would your best friend. Be loving, kind and respectful.

Go with the Flow
Life is a journey that doesn't come with a map. You can't always see the destination or every curve, dip or detour along the way, so you might as well enjoy the process (and the ups and downs). So you didn't hit your weight-loss goal this week because the weather prevented you from your daily walks? It's time to get creative. Rent a fitness DVD at the library or devise your own home-based workout. And always be sure to keep that sense of humor and see the opportunity in the problem. When life gives you lemons, don't just smash them. Instead make yummy (sugar-free) lemonade and savor every sip!

Enjoy Now
Why wait for to reach your goal to be happy, wear that dress, or take that vacation? Life is too short. Feel good about yourself today and give yourself the permission and freedom to be completely happy with yourself and your circumstances right now. Try to be present in the moment as much as you can and appreciate life for what you do have. Love where you are and who you are. Don't wait for tomorrow or until you reach that goal to appreciate where you are. You're worthy and good enough right now, today.

Sorry so long emoticon and thanks for being in my life!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog, Janet. Wow, you ran a marathon? I don't know many people who have done that!

    You seem to have everything in place to continue to get to that end goal, I'm so pleased for you.
    3221 days ago
  • PATTYS74
    Awesome blog Janet you have come such a long way and you are going to go all the way....The White Tigers love you too. YOu are part of the back bone of this team, you are an inspiration to anyone who talks to you. I am so glad you are learning to take time for yourself...that will take you all the way to your goal...
    Hugs, keep up the great work.....
    3222 days ago
  • MACMOM57
    Thank you so much Janet awesome blog. Words to remember and live by. WE can do it.
    3222 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    All of the tips were so valid. Thank you for sharing!
    3223 days ago
  • KRYSTL719
    In 1.5 months I have lost 32lbs, and I give it all to Sparking and all my spark friends! The last blog I posted says alot of who I was before, and I just cant be thankful enough.

    3223 days ago
    You've come a long way!! Congratulations!!
    3223 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6232784
    emoticon ....great blog. Your points are so true! Stay focused on your journey!
    3223 days ago
    Wonderful blog about your super progress - very inspiring, which is what I need to keep me back on track again! I also feel that Spark has changed my life about living a totally different lifestyle and being so mindful about my nutrition. Now when I'm off the health wagon I really feel guilty about it and get back in gear instead of just gaining uncontrollably! Will be glad when I can hold at a decent weight!
    3223 days ago
    Great blog!
    3224 days ago
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